At homeschool co-ops and camps, classes, and events, sometimes there’s a peanut-free requirement. Peanut-free lunches don’t have to be difficult, or a strain. I’m here to help you find some great things that you can prepare that aren’t difficult to make, that (hopefully) any peanut-allergic child can be exposed to. No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches allowed? Open your mind up to the many opportunities and options of peanut-free foods there are – and be the hero of the party for that one child who can’t be around peanuts.

Simple and Inexpensive Peanut-Free Lunches for Kids

Try any of these ideas! These are all simple and fun to prepare, and perhaps your kids can help you too! While cooking, talk to your child about why you’re going to the extra effort of being safe for the allergic child in question. Little lives are precious, and peanut allergies are very common these days. Your child’s friend at co-op will be grateful to know that his/her life is more important than any inconvenience your own child might have for a few hours by not having his/her typical snack of choice. Use it as a learning experience in compassion and generosity. Teach your child how to be a caring and considerate friend by respecting his/her inability to smell or touch peanut protein. These ideas for peanut-free lunches will help!

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