What is Reading Eggs and why should I use it for my homeschooled child? How can I get a free 4-week trial of Reading Eggs? Whether your child is just learning to read, in preschool or primary/elementary grades, or perhaps older and struggling with a learning disability or dyslexia, I believe Reading Eggs could be the answer to your search. After 9 years of homeschooling, this program is one of my favorites for early reading skills. Here’s my review of Reading Eggs, and at the end of this post, you’ll also learn how you can try it for 4 weeks, FREE!

A Frugal Homeschool Mom’s Review of Reading Eggs Curriculum

When I buy a homeschool curriculum, I want to get the best bang for my buck. I want a quality curriculum that meets all of my criteria, both educationally and financially. This includes finding a program that meets my children’s educational needs, no matter what level they are. The curriculum needs to be fun and engaging so that my kids actually WANT to learn. I want my kids to grow and thrive with each lesson. I want all of this without spending a fortune. After using Reading Eggs for years, I’m absolutely positive that this program meets all of my expectations. Although I’ve been a fan of Reading Eggs for years, I’m finally blessed to be able to promote them in a sponsored post – I received payment and a free membership for this endorsement, however, I have always loved sharing my experiences with the program, and the opinions expressed in this post are unbiased and honest (as always). Please see my full disclosure.Free 4 week trial of Reading Eggs Online Homeschool Reading Curriculum for multiple ages - The Frugal Homeschooling Mom fWhat is Reading Eggs?

Before I get started on my personal experience with Reading Eggs, let me give you a brief overview of what this program actually is. Reading Eggs is an online program that includes reading and math activities for kids, ages 2 through 13. Depending on your children’s age and skill level, there are four areas to explore.

  • Reading Eggs Junior Since these lessons have been created for toddlers and preschoolers, they are very interactive and fun. Your kids will learn all of the basics, including sounds, letters, and even words.
  • Reading Eggs This level includes lessons that will help your child develop important foundational phonics and reading skills, all at their own pace. Your child can spend as much or as little time as necessary on each skill before moving on to the next one.
  • Reading Eggspress is designed for kids ages 7-13. Because this is for an older age group, it will teach more difficult skills in vocabulary and spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension.
  • Mathseeds is different than the other available levels since it focuses on math skills rather than reading skills. This program has something for everyone, including lessons for kids ages 3-9.


Free 4 week trial of Reading Eggs Online Homeschool Reading Curriculum for multiple ages - The Frugal Homeschooling Mom 2


Getting Started

First impressions are important. When I first signed up, I was immediately impressed with the layout and how easy it was to navigate. The family dashboard lets me easily add a profile for each of my kids. The setup process is painless and I was able to quickly get my kids started on their learning activities.

Individualized Learning for the Kids

Each of my kids is at a different part of their educational journey, which means that my curriculum needs to meet each of their individual needs. Reading Eggs makes it easy and fun for my kids to practice the literacy skills they need at their own pace. Here’s how Reading Eggs helped each of my kids:

  • My 11-year-old – My oldest has dyslexia, so her needs are different than my younger ones. She’s reading at a 4th-grade level, so one of our goals is to fill in the gaps so that she’s on grade level. Reading Eggs has given her the chance to learn foundational phonics skills that she continues to need to review. As she picks up these skills with repetitive practice, they are helping her read better and with more confidence. Reading Eggs is one of the more enjoyable methods I use with her, and one of her favorite ways of reviewing phonics.
  • My 6-year-old – Since my middle child is attending kindergarten at school, she simply needs extra practice in the afternoons. Because she’s been learning all day, she needs to feel like he’s having fun. She enjoys Reading Eggs because she thinks she’s playing a game. I like it for her because I’m sneaking in important reading practice that will help her succeed in kindergarten.
  • My almost 4-year-old – My youngest is preschool age, so our focus with him is to learn all of the basics. By the time he starts kindergarten, I want him to know all of his letters and sounds, as well as some sight words. Because of his level and goals, he uses Reading Eggs Junior to develop his skills.

Top Reasons I Love Reading Eggs

Since starting with Reading Eggs, I’ve discovered many reasons why I love the program. Not only does it help my kids learn new skills, it also makes it easy for me to teach them!

  • Progress Monitoring – When you’re paying for educational materials, you want to see that it’s actually working. With Reading Eggs, I can easily check my kids’ progress. With a quick glance, I can see each child’s reading age, phonics skills, and known sight words.
  • Adjusting Levels – If it looks like my child is ready to move on to more difficult skills, I can easily adjust their level myself or I reset their placement test. This allows me to guide my child’s educational progress.
  • Bonus Materials – My favorite resource on this site is the bonus material page. I can’t believe how many extra lessons and worksheets are offered! There are hundreds of activity sheets for kids to practice any skill you can think of. There is a lesson for everything, from reading and comprehension to writing and grammar.
  • Homeschooling Programs – If I want to follow a more guided pace, the programs for kindergarten through 2nd grade help keep us on task. It divides the lessons into manageable chunks so that my kids practice different skills each week.

Homeschooling is an opportunity for me to take an active part in my children’s education. Because I want them to have a quality education, I want to have the right tools in place. After trying Reading Eggs, I am happy to say that this is an educational tool I will continue to use.


Free 4 week trial of Reading Eggs Online Homeschool Reading Curriculum for multiple ages - The Frugal Homeschooling Mom


If you would like to explore Reading Eggs to see if it fits with your family’s needs but don’t want to make the financial commitment yet, sign up for your own FREE 4-week trial. You’ll get access to everything you need to make an informed decision.