Wondering how to teach alphabet memorization in your homeschool preschool? It’s easy with these great tips and tricks.

Ways to Teach the Alphabet in Your Homeschool Preschool

Even though our preschool children may not be reading yet, these are the years that are crucial for building the basis of literacy skills. Reading starts before kids can decipher words. One of the first steps is to learn the alphabet, the building block of words. How can you help your young child memorize the alphabet? And beyond memorization of them in order, the ability to identify the letters independently? Below are some ways that you can help your child memorize the alphabet and build familiarity with all of the letters.

  • Sing– This may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of memorizing the alphabet. The classic ABC song should not be overlooked as one of the first tools to learning letters.
  • Puzzles– Keep alphabet puzzles accessible and do them with your child, saying the name of each letter as they fit them into the puzzle.
  • Shaving cream– This is a messy, but fun way to practice letters. Put some shaving cream on a clean surface and let kids use their finger to trace the letters.
  • Chalk– Use sidewalk chalk to write out the alphabet on the driveway. Let kids hop from letter to letter while they say each letter name.
  • Creative letters– Let kids use different craft supplies to make their letters- pipe cleaners, paints, string, etc.
  • Letter walk– Take a walk around town and look for letters on signs. Point out each letter of the alphabet.
  • Alphabet race– If you have two kids who are on the same level, lay out some alphabet cards, shout out a letter and see who can find it and bring it to you first!
  • Letter sponges– Use foam letters to extend learning to bath time!
  • Sensory bags– Put a paper containing several letters in a large ziplock bag. Fill the bag with rice and seal. Let kids “search” for the letters by pushing on the outside of the bag to move the rice out of the way. When a letter is spotted, the kid says it’s name!
  • Window markers– Using window markers or dry erase markers, have kids practice letters on the window at home.
  • Alphabet magnets– Keep¬†letter magnets on the refrigerator, so kids are seeing the letters all the time. You can grab some and ask your child to identify them while you are eating lunch.
  • Alphabet search– Write each letter of the alphabet on post-it notes. Place them around the house and have the child search for them. When they are all collected, the child must lay them out in order.

Incorporating simple activities into your daily routine can go a long way in building a preschooler’s familiarity with the alphabet. The key is repetition. Look for a variety of ways to expose them to the letters of the alphabet. With a little effort, you can provide a literacy-rich environment that facilitates this learning. Let them hear, see, and touch letters throughout the day, always reinforcing the names of the letters they encounter. Before you know it, your child will be well on their way to building words and reading! So, using the above suggestions, look around your house…how can you teach alphabet memorization today?

Check out more hands-on resources below!


  • The Alphabet Swing A fun ABC song from Super Simple Songs (check out all their stuff!). It’s a catchy song that will reinforce learning the alphabet.


  • Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom– Always a favorite book to teach the letters of the alphabet. There are so many other activities you can do once you have read this book.
  • Eating the Alphabet– Learn about vegetables and the alphabet at the same time! This is a bright, fun book.


  • Shape & Learn Alphabet Set These alphabet flash cards include playfoam that can be shaped into each individual letter. Fun and engaging for kids!
  • Alphabet Bean Bags- Comes with a bag of 26 alphabet bean bags and an activity book that offers for suggestions for us. A plus- this will work on gross motor skills for kids at the same time!
  • Alphabet Learning Interactive Poster What a good idea! Hang up this poster for you child to see each day. They can also go and push any letter to hear it, to hear songs or take spelling challenges. Lots of possibilities in this one product.

How to Teach Alphabet Memorization