Wondering why you should read Charlotte’s Web in your homeschool? Here are some reasons why I believe the book is a great choice for grades 2-5.

Why you should read Charlotte's Web with your kids

Why You Should Read Charlotte’s Web with Your Kids

Here are some reasons why I believe Charlotte’s Web is a great choice for homeschool reading. As a public school teacher, we read this book in my third-grade classroom every year, and I grew to love it. It may actually be one of my most favorite books ever, which is why I am writing this article on it, first, in my unit studies series. Just a note: now is the required time for me to mention that this post contains affiliate links, as I earn a commission from many of the links included within it. Feel free to read more about it in my disclosure.

If you’re interested in doing an in-home unit study on the book, Charlotte’s Web, it’s easy to do it for FREE. Use free printables, videos, crafts, recipes, and more as an extension to reading the book. It will make for some great homeschool family memories!

Free Charlotte's Web Book Study

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Interested in buying the book? You can purchase it here. I also recommend borrowing it at your local library or even going minimalist and reading it on kindle.

What ages/grade level is the book best for?

I recommend the book for grades 2-5 readers, and so do many parents on Common Sense Media. Not only is the book a well-known classic read by many families and within most classrooms, it is a delightful story full of wonderful themes. E.B. White is also a masterful storyteller, and a great example of fictional writing style for young readers and budding writers. It is a best-selling book that most people have read and enjoyed.

My Top Reasons for Loving Charlotte’s Web:

  • Vocabulary: Charlotte’s Web provides an excellent ability to teach new words to children. Vocabulary is one of the best things to practice while reading this book. Kids learn how to use context clues to figure out the meaning of a new word and listen to the characters as they discuss and use it.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: An example of good friendship. Everyone wants their child to learn what true friendship, kindness, and love is. The examples shown in this story are beautiful, and perfectly written in a way that children understand. It is a universal story that spans all ages, races, sexes, religions, and time.
  • Brilliant author: E.B. White writes masterpieces in children’s literature – every single time. Charlotte’s Web isn’t his only story. Trumpet of the Swan and Stuart Little are also well-loved classics. You might like to read all three books with your child.
  • Relatable: It is a great springboard for a discussion with your child about life lessons, even current events. Recalling the characters as an example, you can relate complex ideas such as current events in ways they can understand and process. That’s because the story postures real-life problems in a fictional setting.
  • Engaging: The story grasps young readers’ attention, and they won’t want to stop reading. That’s because the characters are so relatable. Kids will sympathize with each of the characters in the story.

It’s simply an all-around, great book to read with your child. It’s definitely top of my personal list, and you can now understand why. What are some of your favorite aspects of the book?

Why you should read Charlotte's Web with your kids