Have you ever wondered what happens to a child after being rescued from human trafficking? Through Nicole’s story, you can get an idea of how a young girl can go from being a victim to a strong young thriver.

Spoiler alert – homeschooling plays an important role!

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How Homeschooling Changes the Lives of Girls Rescued from Child Trafficking


Nicole is the 2nd youngest of five siblings. She spent most of her childhood surviving the streets and helping her mother sell noodles and coffee at night. She is the survivor of Cyber Sexual Exploitation. She was discovered after Law Enforcement identified her in nude photos sold to foreigners. Her eldest sister was her pimp and is currently in jail.

(Nicole Studying – picture taken by MRH staff)

In 2015, Nicole (then 12-years-old) was one of the lucky ones rescued. Once rescued, twelve-year old Nicole couldn’t return to her family’s shanty. With only a second-grade education, her options of moving forward were limited and the risk was high that she would end up in the same situation. That is where Nicole’s journey of recovery and education began at My Refuge House.





(Nicole – picture taken by MRH staff)

My Refuge House (MRH) is a long-term after care facility in Cebu, Philippines that helps rescued girls heal and grow into strong, independent women. One of the most important gifts that My Refuge House has to offer is their accelerated homeschool program through Angelicum College. This program allows girls to get a customized education plan that caters to their specific educational needs.

For a girl like Nicole, attending a public school right after being rescued is not a healthy or even viable option. When someone has been through so much trauma, there are many things that can “trigger” terrible memories and send them into a downward spiral. Being so far behind in academics, they aren’t able to jump into a classroom and pick up where they left off.

This makes homeschooling the perfect option.

Besides, being homeschooled can be more fun, right? MRH girls get to enjoy so many unique learning experiences beyond their traditional studies. An early morning Zumba class, daily Bible devotions, learning basic business concepts through selling fish from their own hydroponics system, tending to the goats and banana trees, and enjoying some unique field trips are just some of the benefits they get to experience because they are homeschooled.

(Nicole today – picture taken by MRH staff)

Nicole has already been able to advance three grade levels in the past two years and is more determined than ever to finish her education. When she first moved in, she had a difficult time focusing and couldn’t stay awake. She now excels in math and dreams of one day becoming an architect. Emerging from a shadowed past, this homeschooled girl’s future looks pretty bright!

If you feel inspired to be a part of helping girls like Nicole get the education they deserve, please check out the My Refuge House education crowdfunding campaign that is happening right now.


Author Bio: Amber Schlosser, a resident Southern Californian, is passionate in the fight against modern day slavery and believes that we have a duty to band together and stop it. She is energized by working with others who want to make a difference. A willing heart coupled with actions has the power to make dramatic change. Amber enjoys experiencing those changes with others as the Development Director at My Refuge House.

Amber is happily married to Jacob, who brings out her adventurous side. From diving under water, to diving out of an airplane, they always find a way to have fun. They enjoy living life together with their three young children, who always keep them on their toes. In her spare time, you can find Amber reading, sewing, or traveling to a new place.