One of my favorite reasons for homeschooling is Activity.

By Trisha Kilpatrick

kids are active - it's why I homeschool

ABCs of Why We Homeschool I A is for Activity

Before homeschooling, I taught special education. I had one particular student in a resource classroom. He was a precious boy with bright eyes and a beautiful smile. From time to time, his regular teacher would ask me to administer a test to my students from her class which included this boy. Near the end of the year, the teacher informed me that he always made A’s when he tested in my class and C’s or D’s when he tested in her class. I assured her that he could not possibly be cheating. She laughed and agreed because he easily had the highest grades of the group. After a little probing, I learned that the only difference was that I allowed him to stand and sway back and forth while he took his test. She insisted that he sit still with both feet on the floor.

The only thing this little boy needed to be successful in school was to stand and sway, but his regular teacher refused stating that he HAD to learn to sit still. Why? Why does he need to learn this? God has gifted this child with an enormous gift. He is both smart and active. Think of all the careers in which smart and active people thrive: medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, teaching, sports, some sales. I could go on and on. Rather than work with this child’s natural gifts to make him successful, he is forced into a mold that he doesn’t fit. Lots of brilliant children don’t fit that mold.

My youngest son (nearly 15 years old) is capable of sitting still for a school day, but he is so grateful that he doesn’t have to do that. He takes periodic soccer breaks. When he comes back from clearing his head, breathing fresh air, and having a little exercise, he can focus so much better. He is more successful. There have been a number of studies showing the positive effects of exercise during the day on learning. Homeschooling gives us a unique opportunity to implement activity through exercise, sports, play, crafting, music, and so many other areas.

Pursuing Passions

The word “Activity” to me also means pursuing passions. Some people’s favorite activities are less active. That is perfectly fine. My oldest son loves computers. Homeschooling allows him the freedom to pursue a career in computers in the way that best suits him. My daughter is attending Bible College to become a Children’s Minister. She spent her last few years in high school as a nanny then working in a preschool. She was also very active in Children’s Ministries at church. She had the flexibility to work during the school day building quite a resume while doing her school work in the evenings and even on weekends. The freedom to follow passions and pursue interests is a gift that will keep on giving.

About the author: Trisha Kilpatrick is the writer/creator at Trisha Dishes.  She is a homeschooling mom with two still at home and one in Bible College. She has more cats than good sense and firmly believes in keeping life as simple as possible.

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