The easiest way to keep track of weekly homeschool lesson plans is an Excel homeschool spreadsheet: simple and fast to fill in and print.

Free Excel Homeschool Planner

My Excel homeschool planner is one that I made ages ago, but it’s still a popular download from my site. I used it way back when I only had one child, and it was fast and simple to fill in and plan my lessons for her for the week.

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Free Homeschool Excel Lesson Planner by TFHSM

Microsoft Excel has been around for a long time, and through the years I’ve learned how handy it is for tons of purposes. I use it to keep track of addresses and phone numbers of family and friends, my meal plan, and yes – I’ve even used it for lesson planning! Here is how the planner I created works:

How to use the Homeschool Excel Planner Download:

First, make sure you have Microsoft Office downloaded onto your computer. If you don’t have Microsoft Office software, you can get it here {affiliate link}: Microsoft Office 365 Personal Edition. You’ll have to have an Office subscription in order to use Microsoft Excel.

Next, create a copy of the file, and label it with the week’s start date. For example, if your first week starts with September 2nd, save the file with the name “Sept 2” or something similar. Keep the original file untouched for future use!

Then, you fill in your child’s name and subjects on the first worksheet titled “Step 1 Fill in Weekly Goals.” There are spaces highlighted in yellow to tell you where you can safely edit (although the file is UNLOCKED which means it’s full editable if you’re an expert). Fill in weekly goals and expectations for your child for the week. This is where you plan the general overview of how you want the week to go. It’s the main goals you have for your child for the week.


If you have more than one child, save more than one copy of the file – one for each child. This file is only for one student at a time. 

After you’ve filled in the first worksheet, move on to the second worksheet titled “Step 2 Fill in Daily Goals.” Again, this worksheet highlights areas in yellow that you should fill out before moving on to the third worksheet. Here is where you’ll elaborate on those main goals you’ve already stated. Fill in all the yellow spaces, and leave the black font alone.

Finally, you’re almost ready to print your lesson plans! Click over to the third worksheet titled “Step 3 Print This Sheet Only,” and check to see that you are happy with the way it looks. It shouldn’t need editing, but if you want you can change font sizes, font styles, or colors to suit your needs. Don’t miss the space at the bottom for Notes – it’s perfectly fine for you to use that space however you like, to add any details or instructions, thoughts, or ideas to your plan.

Free Homeschool Excel Lesson Planner by TFHSM

Get the Free Excel Lesson Planner

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Here are some more digital and Excel homeschool planners that you might like! All of them are simple to use.

  1. Digital Homeschool Planner – The Homeschool Planner Plus was created by The Homeschool Mom and is available for download.  This planner is perfect for use in planning for one student.  It is a simplified resource that can be used for the student from Kindergarten until he/she graduates.  I recommend it if you’re familiar with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.  It is a concise and neat way to keep track of your records and plans.
  2. PDF Annotation Apps – Did you know that most touch screen devices have PDF annotation apps that you can use to write directly onto digital files? Here are some popular pdf annotation apps.
  3. Homeschool Panda – not only an online planning system, but also provides a social media community for homeschoolers.
  4. Evernote – This is a common solution that almost anyone can adapt for their homeschool planning. There is a free version that is sufficient for most families’ needs.
  5. Homeschool Planet – a full-featured online planner that is one of the most popular online planners.
  6. Toby – Use Toby for simple organization of your browser tabs and bookmarks, as well as time management, and more!

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