Use homeschool teaching resources from BJU and see how it’s one of the best homeschool phonics curriculum options: a review and overview of BJU English.

Best Homeschool Phonics Curriculum: BJU English Review and Overview

Best Homeschool Phonics Curriculum: BJU English Review and Overview

There are so many benefits to homeschooling your kids. I’ve found that homeschooling gives me the opportunity to differentiate learning for my kids. In this way, they learn best at home! Whether it’s to help a child catch up or to give them more of a challenge, I’m able to use homeschool teaching resources that meet their needs. This post describes one of my personal favorites and also includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Homeschool Teaching Resources: Comprehensive Phonics, English, Reading, and Handwriting

Over the years, I’ve used different curricula for different goals, but one particular curriculum stands out above many others when it comes to teaching Reading comprehensively. BJU Press homeschool curriculum is my personal choice in homeschool teaching resources when it comes to Phonics, English, Reading, and Handwriting. This is why I recommend BJU as one of the best homeschool teaching resources for busy, working moms. In fact, I even wrote a BJU Press homeschool distance learning review as well as this post!

The Importance of Phonics and Reading in First Grade

Currently, my almost 7-year-old is in 1st grade. If you have a child the same age, you know how important phonics and reading are at this level. When it comes to homeschooling a 1st grader, it’s important to know which skills need to be taught for the year, as well as an interactive and cohesive way for your child to practice and master those skills. BJU Press homeschool curriculum makes it so easy for me to teach my first grader what she needs to know. Due to the quality and comprehensive nature of the curriculum, I know that she won’t have any gaps in her education.

Homeschool Teaching Resources for Reading Included in BJU

I’ve been using the BJU Press homeschool curriculum with my daughter. There are so many things I love about this curriculum, including how easy it is to use! Additionally, it includes such high-quality learning opportunities, which helps me feel assured that she is receiving the best education, all from the comforts of our home.

Over the course of using BJU Press, I’ve noticed a few things that make this curriculum stand out above other curriculums.

The Best Homeschool Teaching Resources Include All This:

  • It’s convenient and easy to use -BJU Press provides distance learning options for homeschooled students, which means that I can either choose to get the curriculum on a DVD or a subscription to online courses. The teacher’s manual is so helpful in planning and oversight!
  • It allows for independent learning – The videos are perfect for independent learning. My daughter can complete a lesson on her own, including practicing the skills she’s learning! This means that my life as a work-at-home homeschool mom is ten times easier.
  • It’s a comprehensive curriculum – I know that when I use BJU Press, my 1st grader is learning everything she needs to in order to be successful. Not only will she learn phonics and reading, but she’ll also get to practice handwriting! This is a complete, no-holes curriculum I can use.
  • The instructor is a real teacher who knows the subject – In the curriculum I use with my daughter, Mrs. Walker is the instructor. What I love about her is that she’s a real-life teacher, so she knows all about how kids learn. I can tell that my daughter appreciates how clearly Mrs. Walker teaches her all about reading and phonics.
  • It saves my sanity – As a work at home mom, I sometimes feel like my sanity is taking a really long vacation. There’s so much to do, both with homeschool and with my work. Thankfully, BJU Press saves my sanity! The lessons are so engaging, my daughter loves to do her work. She happily starts her lessons each day, working independently most of the time, which allows me to do the work I need to. When she needs help, I can always take a break to go over the material with her, but the bulk of the teaching is done on video.

Get More Homeschool Teaching Resources with the 5-Subject Set

Not only does BJU Press have a magnificent reading and phonics curriculum, but it also has a curriculum available for all of the other subjects! This BJU Press homeschool curriculum includes curriculum for Phonics, English and Spelling, as well as Heritage Studies, Math and Science. This means that you can use BJU Press for all of your homeschooling needs, no matter what subject! The quality of this curriculum makes it worth the value.

A Worthy Curriculum Purchase

These are just a few of the extraordinary things I’ve loved about BJU Press homeschool curriculum. There are so many other positives to using this curriculum, I simply cannot name them all. What impresses me most about BJU homeschool teaching resources is the convenience, the quality, and how much my daughter loves using it to learn. That right there shows me how much this curriculum is worth to our family.

Discounts and Savings for BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum

Keep an eye out for my emails and social media announcements regarding BJU. I have the privilege of receiving “insider information” about the best sales and discounts available with them. I can help you know when is the best time to make a purchase! Follow along, and stay informed. I’m glad to pass the information along to my readers!

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Best Homeschool Phonics Curriculum: BJU English Review and Overview