These FREE Bible verse memory cards for kids will be a quick and easy way to add Bible verse memorization to your homeschool routine!

FREE Bible Verse printable Memory Cards for Kids

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FREE Bible Verse Memory Cards for Kids

The benefits of Bible verse memorization is one of those things that many homeschool moms recognize. We value including God’s Word and His truths throughout our homeschool day. Our kids benefit in their growth as young Christians as well. Memorizing Bible verses is the best way for giving kids comfort as they remember God’s promises.

Once I realized that scripture was something I wanted to include in my homeschool, I wondered, “How can I include Bible verse memorization in my homeschool?” I wanted to work on a memory verse per week or per month with my kids, but I wasn’t sure of the easiest and quickest manner to do so. We are a very busy family. In addition, we spend a lot of time doing our regular schoolwork during the day. Also, we go to church three times per week on most weeks. Therefore, I knew we only needed something fast and easy.

Perhaps you are looking for free scripture memory cards as well. I’ve created a set of 12 verses, one for each month of the year if you like! There are so many great verses to choose for your family, but these 12 are simply the favorites that I chose to use with my children. I put them here to share with you. You can download them today!

Scripture Memory Cards for Kids

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These Free Bible verse memory cards are printable in black and white ink, too! For this reason, they’re perfect for frugal moms as well. If you have a {disclosure: affiliate links following} –> laminator, you can laminate them for extra durability. The following are some convenient links for you to some highly-rated laminators and laminating pouches:

Scripture memory cards can really help you out, as it did me. I hope you’ll enjoy using these for years to come. Click the image below to sign up for my email subscription, through which you’ll be given a link to the download page for this freebie.

Free Scripture memory cards for kids

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FREE Bible Verse printable Memory Cards for Kids