Middle and High School Bible Curriculum

I have compiled a list of 40+ popular middle and high school Bible curriculum publishers that you are going to love! Perfect for grades 6-12 homeschool.

Top Middle and High School Bible Curriculum

I recently did an extensive search for Bible curriculum for a friend looking for middle or high school Bible curriculum. Would you like to know what I found? I think it’s the ULTIMATE list! These are all specifically homeschool publishers; stand-alone or supplemental, some links may be affiliate links (please see my disclosure for more information). They are listed in alphabetic order, with my own notes on whether the curriculum is better suited for middle/high school in some cases.

  1. A Beka- Get a Bible curriculum for each grade.
  2. ACE/PACE– This Bible curriculum is offered for elementary grades to High School level. Buy as a set or individually.
  3. Bible verse copywork– Here is a good resource for getting the whole family into the scripture and also practice handwriting at the same time.
  4. Alone with God Bible Studies– Individual studies of books of the Bible, geared toward the middle grades. (I think most appropriate for middle school grades, a bit too easy for high school)
  5. Alpha Omega – They have Bible as a subject in all four of their curriculum products.
  6. Ambleside Online’s Bible Curriculum plan– Get a Bible reading plan that can span 6 years for free!
  7. Answers in Genesis- They offer a Sunday School Curriculum that you can use with your family. It covers different ages and can be done over a 4-year span. Get a month of lessons free!
  8. Apologia– Their 1-year apologetics course I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Athiest (for high school) is by far the most popular. They also have many other courses too for middle and high school, mostly for the subject of Science. Their What We Believe series is good for middle school.
  9. Bible Fluency- A free resource that has videos, music, and classes to help people learn more about the Bible.
  10. Bible Study Guide for All Ages- A comprehensive study of the Bible for all ages of kids up to adults.
  11. Biblioplan– A history and literature curriculum with Bible throughout it. Check out the free samples to see if it’s a good fit for you.
  12. Bible Truths Curriculum- BJU Press has a Bible curriculum for the various grades that each contain student workbooks, along with teacher manuals, tests, and answer keys.
  13. Big Questions- This is a teen study book that helps young people develop a Christ-centered apologetic.
  14. Calvary Curriculum– This curriculum is targeted for elementary kids, but could be used for early middle school age. Includes coloring pages, worksheets, and activity pages.
  15. Catholic Courses- Audio and video classes on a range of topics. Most appropriate for high school.
  16. Christian Liberty Press: Journey Through the Bible – They offer 1-year Bible courses for kids that are a fun and manageable way for them to explore the Bible.
  17. Christian Schools International– They provide curriculum options written for teachers, by teachers. There is a high school Bible curriculum that studies both the Old and New Testaments and seeks to show God’s overall plan for humanity.
  18. Classical Theist Productions’ Christ 101 – For older students, this program helps students learn how to defend Christianity in the modern secular world. The same publishers offer other courses, as well.
  19. A Course in Religion– For Catholics, this is a set of 4 different religious studies.
  20. C.R. Publications’ Catholicism Series – Books on different topics that can also come with a teacher’s manual, if desired. Geared towards high school.
  21. Didache Series– Studies from Midwest Theological Forum that are designed to cover one academic year each.
  22. Eagle’s Wings Create-a-Notebook Series: God’s Awesome Acts and God’s Chosen Children (best for middle school)- Two programs that seek to apply Bible stories to daily living for students.
  23. Firmly Planted– Bible study guides to do as a family.
  24. Heart of Dakota – Different program options that are all Bible-based.
  25. History and Geography of the Bible Story on CD- A popular supplemental resource for Bible curriculum.
  26. Hands-On-History Activity Packs– From Homeschool in the Woods, these activity packs contain projects on different topics.
  27.  Faith and Life Series (Ignatius Press)- This catechetical series has some units for middle school. There is also a reasonably priced online version.
  28. Introduction to the Bible – A Catholic study of the Bible. Get free shipping with this book.
  29. Memoria Press’ Christian Studies- Explores different topics in Christian Studies.
  30. Mentoring Our Own’s Power of an Hour- Focused on a classical education, this product pairs the Bible with all subjects. It provides an hour a day, 5 days a week of instruction. Check out the free sample week.
  31. My Father’s World – This complete curriculum is Bible-based and incorporates Christianity into all subjects.
  32. The Picture Smart Bible – An innovative way to teach stories from the Bible using pictures. Best for lower-middle grades.
  33. Positive Action for Christ Bible Curriculum – Budget Friendly curriculum for middle and high school.
  34. Precept Upon Precept- An in-depth Bible Study for older learners that includes maps, charts, timelines, and about 5 hours of homework a week.
  35. C. Sproul’s Choosing My Religion Series- Short video messages that address various topics for high school students.
  36. Scripture Memory Fellowship App- A great resource to help you memorize scriptures. It offers a range of products, including some free resources.
  37. Sonlight- A complete homeschool curriculum that has Bible built into their program.
  38. Summit Ministries– Curriculum for all ages, designed for Christian school education.
  39. Thinking Kids Blog Bible Road Trip- A curriculum for teaching the Bible and Christian History.
  40. Unveiling Glory’s “Cat and Dog Theology” – A program to help students learn about the basics of Christian Life.

Bible Journaling and Note-Taking Resources

The resources listed below are chosen specifically to help teens with their Bible study, journaling, or note-taking/studying. They are some of my and my teen’s favorites!

  1. Tracking Your Walk Prayer Diary– A nice resource for young believers to journal and show growth in their Christian walk.
  2. Journaling Bible-  NLT translation of the Bible with over 400 illustrations to color.
  3. Complete Guide to Bible Journaling– Designed for beginners, this book introduces the concept of Bible journaling. Engage with Scripture through art!
  4. A Workbook Guide to Bible Journaling– Learn fun techniques used in journaling and connect creativity and faith.
  5. Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Teen Girls– This Bible has lots of beautiful pages to color.
  6. Teen Life Application Study Bible– A Bible that includes lots of notes that are written to help today’s teen face life’s challenges.
  7. Bible for Teen Boys- This Bible is designed specifically for boys ages 13-18.
  8. Gel Highlighters– Use these special highlighters that won’t bleed through Bible pages.
  9. Fine Point Markers– Use these for note-taking or journaling on thin Bible pages.
  10. Big Pencil Case- Keep up with your journaling supplies in this cute case, designed for teens.

Have I left any middle/high school homeschool Bible curriculum out? I want this to be an exhaustive resource. Let me know in the comments below!

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