A few days ago, Tamara at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama, shared a “Homeschooler Spotlight” feature – me.  🙂

I wrote a little bit about what’s been on my mind lately.  Just a quick paragraph or two about some feelings I’ve had recently when I’ve been tempted to compare myself to other moms (not necessarily homeschooling ones).  It stemmed from a friend on Facebook’s post that was a tad critical about those (like me) who don’t take time for “themselves” and exercise like they “should.”  It momentarily caused me to doubt myself, and to think that I was missing out on something or doing something wrong as a woman/mother.  (Yes, exercise IS important, don’t get me wrong, let’s not go there please.  Just saying that it is something I just don’t have time for right now – no, I just don’t prioritize it so much right now with everything else on my daily to-do lists… that’s all.)

I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about me.  Here’s a little snippet, but for more, go see her post.  🙂

For me, my purpose in life is to please God and to glorify Him with my life.  And I’m doing that by raising my children, discipling them, and teaching them at home.  So I’m content.  I don’t feel a need to compare myself to others, or to dwell on what I’m not doing that other moms are.”