I posted this to my Facebook page. It’s obviously long enough for a whole blog post. So, here it is. Please tell me I’m not alone, and I CAN do this!

Carrying my toddler while grocery shopping is
practically the only exercise I  manage to fit in!

I was going to go to the Y 18 times this past 6 weeks (3x per week). But… I only managed 4. I’m thinking, what happened? Why CAN’T I just DO this? But THIS, is perhaps, WHY I don’t exercise…
I went to the Y about 5 weeks ago. Of course I am required to go only when they have childcare available, because I can’t afford a babysitter and we have no family nearby, and hubby works literally ALL THE TIME. So, anyways, childcare closes at 8 most nights, and is almost nonexistent on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So, to begin with, even on the days I CAN work it out, I still only have about an hour and a half to get there, drop kids off at childcare, work out, take my shower (very possibly the only shower I’ve gotten that day, so I can’t leave that part out), and pick the kids up before the childcare closes. That whole challenge is ok – I CAN do it, I tell myself.

I plan to go three times per week. It’s the only three times I have available, what with my crazy schedule. Details unneeded except that I have VERY limited time, and it has to do with work, homeschooling, and more work, and again, having to go only when the childcare is available.

Ok, so back to my story… I went to the Y about 5 weeks ago. Of course, Liam (my toddler) caught hand, foot and mouth while he was there (informational email was sent out the next day saying he had been exposed, and sure enough, yep, he got it). So, since I couldn’t take him to the childcare until the blisters were gone, I couldn’t work out for another three weeks (his blisters were practically gone after two weeks, but not soon enough that I could go – on those few available times when I was able to, so I had to wait until the next week to start back).

So I went back two weeks ago. Received training and learned a good fitness routine. That was fun, and motivating! I was pumped and excited. But then, family came to visit, which was fun, as always, but, I put my exercise on hold in order to not take away from too much time while they were here (the kids’ activities already took away enough time… and so I put the kids first…).

Then comes the learned helplessness cycle….
I was discouraged last week and totally skipped out. I kinda felt like “what’s the point?” And stayed home, allowing the kids to eat an unrushed dinner or let them lounge in their pj’s instead of rushing them out the door so I could get my workout in before the childcare closed.

So, in the week that followed, I felt guilty for not making myself go, and pumped myself up to DEFINITELY not miss the next scheduled day. That was this past Thursday. I went to a cycling class, and it was great! I am SO out of shape that I had to stop early! But I felt awesome that I had done it, and I couldn’t wait until I got to go again the next time.

I had to miss yesterday’s morning class. Laynie’s schoolwork needed to be done, and it was too late by the time she finished (it’s our first week back at school). But I thought, “Oh, it’s ok, I’ll go to my friend’s Zumba class tonight.” … but when I got there, they weren’t having Zumba. Oops.

So, I was going to go this morning. But… Laynie woke up at 4am last night, throwing up with a stomach bug. I guarantee she picked it up at the Y childcare on Thursday night! What do you want to bet? Geesh.

So, in 6 weeks, I’ve been able to go to the Y a total of 4 times. Yep, 4. I’m feeling pretty discouraged… I just ate a bowl of ice cream and drank a can of Coke.

Any other working homeschool moms feel this way? Are you able to find time to take care of yourself?