Reason #9: It Works

Most of the homeschooled kids, teenagers, and college graduates I personally know, I would be very proud if they were my child. And their parents are proud, and rightfully so. I hope to raise my child(ren) to be mature, happy, responsible, confident, smart, friendly, moral, and successful, just as I’ve seen these other homeschooled kids behave, or how I know them as my grown-up friends to behave. (Disclaimer: No, not all of them, I’ll admit, there really are some weirdos out there, LOL.)But homeschooling really does work. Test scores of homeschooled students are higher than average and colleges actively are seeking them for admission because of their intrinsically-motivated approach to learning. No child is ever “Left Behind” when taught at home – and your “honor” student can actually read the bumper sticker you have put on your car. By the way, it’s really nothing new – it’s the way it used to be done long ago, before the beginning of schoolhouses where children were taught by a teacher. Many famous and historical figures were taught at home.