In looking at the best reasons to homeschool, Reason #4 in my list is FLEXIBILITY. That’s because there’s nothing better than having the freedom to be flexible with your daily routines, schedules, bedtimes, start times, even things like diet! There’s no one else who guides your day (unless you allow it). You get to choose and live however you want your days to go. It’s awesome.

Reasons to Homeschool: Why Flexibility is Awesome

This post explains one of my top reasons to homeschool: flexibility. I love being able to adjust and relax. It’s so nice. Here are some of the benefits.

Flexibility in Curriculum: Why it’s One of the Best Reasons to Homeschool

In our homeschool, we use our own flexible curriculum and methods for schooling: We can always switch things up if needed!

If my child is really enjoying Language Arts one day, we’ll keep going, and set aside Math for tomorrow if time runs out. If she’s getting frustrated with Social Studies, we can set it aside and take a break to play outside for a while, and pick up where we left off a little while later. If a certain curriculum choice isn’t working for us, we can switch it at any time and try something different.

Flexibility in Location: Why We Homeschool

We homeschool in our own flexible location: School is not confined to hours spent sitting in a chair at a desk!

We do work while sprawled out on the living room floor or on a blanket in the grass on a warm spring day. If Grandmother has a vacation planned to visit New York City, and wants to take us along, no problem!  There’s no make-up work, no catching up, no falling behind. We just learn about the Statue of Liberty, the Rockettes (LOL), and whatever else we come across while we’re there. We pick up with our schoolwork when we get back.

Flexible Dress Code: Homeschooling Perks

We have our own flexible dress code: Who needs stiff or itchy uniforms or dress code requirements?

There’s no need to bother about what color your sweater and pants should be. Who cares what brand name your t-shirt has on it, or that your jeans came from Walmart and your shoes aren’t whatever the current fad is (ugh, remember Uggs?). We’ll learn about fractions in our pajamas and bedroom slippers if we feel like it.

Flexible Time Schedule: At the Top of My Reasons to Homeschool

We are on our own flexible time schedule. And, well, it’s awesome.

We set aside normal “school” hours, but if something comes up, we can just go. Say a special exhibit at a museum or an art lesson at the park with friends comes up. We simply set aside our schoolwork, and don’t even hesitate to have an adventure! We can sleep late and not worry about being late for school, too. We take the time for a nice hot breakfast as we thank our lucky stars we don’t have to rush out the door to catch the bus with a pop-tart in hand. There is also more time for exercise and outdoor play, and leisurely reading. Plus, since schoolwork doesn’t take us very long to complete, we have more free time for whatever else we want to do.

Having the flexibility of determining our own daily life is one of my main reasons to homeschool. What are yours?

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reasons to homeschool number 4 - flexibility