Reason #21: The Sheltered LifeSometimes people look at homeschooled children in pity or with judgment – thinking that they’re overly sheltered from reality. I’ll admit that yes, there are some homeschool parents that do go a little far and shelter their children too much, and their children aren’t able to cope with the realities of real life when they are older. Here’s my view as a homeschooling mother: I look at my child’s somewhat sheltered life with a feeling of relief, and I’m not worried in the least bit that she’ll be able to face real life, that is, when the appropriate time comes.The reality in life is that bad things happen, and one day, I know that my daughter will face that hard reality. My goal is to provide her plenty of opportunity to learn about it before it happens, so she’ll be well-prepared and equipped to face it when it comes. Our world is not always such a beautiful place, and too many kids grow up desensitized by it all to recognize atrocities when they occur. They’re desensitized because they’re exposed to things way too early. Here are some realities that I’m glad my daughter will get a few years’ postponement in experiencing – – or maybe, if she’s lucky enough, total naïveté’. And if she does experience them, my hope is that she’ll be well-prepared and strong enough to stand her ground confidently in the face of them: Bulliesmanipulative peoplesocial statuscliquesgangsconsumerism (wearing name-brands in order to fit in)concealed weapons, violencedrugsabuse (physical/verbal)alcoholearly sexual promiscuityswearingintolerance (and tolerance in some cases)disrespect of others (including elders)this nation’s saddening decline in (and respect for) morality, virtues, and character……just to name a few of the things that today’s kids are exposed to in the public school culture.