Reason #10: Time is Precious

There’s not as much wasted educational time in a homeschooled child’s life. In a homeschooler’s life, every minute of every day has the possibility of being spent to educate. But not only that, when I homeschool Laynie, when she’s finished with her schoolwork, she can spend the rest of her valuable minutes, hours, days, enjoying being a kid, in contrast to children who attend school.People don’t realize how much time is wasted in a normal school day. In a classroom of 20-30 children, things take a LONG time. Many kids wait endlessly on the other children to get academic work done. Even walking to/from the cafeteria, the playground, bathroom breaks, etc. takes forever. Early finishers are put to work on busy work or have to just sit quietly and wait for the struggling kids to finish. Some kids give up on raising their hands to ask a question or to get individual help, because the teacher is just too busy and doesn’t have time to help them individually. Then those kids go home after 6 hours or more at school, and spend even more time (sometimes hours) doing homework.Time is precious with our little ones. Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood, and we should honor and enjoy the time we’re given with them while we’ve got them. They grow up way too fast, and before we know it, that time will be gone!