Frugal Homeschool Mom Couponing Basics

So, if you’re looking into couponing for the first time, you need to know:


It’s well worth the time!

You’ll save your family hundreds of dollars per month.  That being said, you will be seriously disappointed if I didn’t tell you upfront that it does take time.  But it’s SO worth it.  You’ll see the savings add up!


You and your spouse must be on the same page financially.

Take a financial class together, and make your budget together. Cooperate – and work together on your overall financial picture and the goals you have. It doesn’t make sense for you to spend up to ten hours per week couponing, and your spouse to sabotage your efforts by spending the money you’re saving on things you don’t agree are important.  You’re technically WORKING for the money you’ll save.  And it will drain you if your spouse wastes those earnings.  Use your valuable time in other ways to benefit your family if your spouse isn’t on board.  Time is money you know.  Just sayin.


Come See Me Frequently!

Visit here frequently to see announcements that are specific to your needs as a homeschooling mom on a budget.  I frequently update my readers with couponing strategies, grocery and drug store matchups, freebies, printable coupons, and more!  All tailored to those with interests like mine – saving 75% or more on items for my homeschooling family, and I’ll share those finds with you.  Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for!


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