Each week, I’ll present a different resource that will help you in your endeavors to teach your preschooler at home as cheaply as possible, or even better – FREE!  Or, I’ll introduce you to another great website to assist you in living an abundant life on a not-so-abundant budget.  So, without further ado, here’s this week’s fine pick! 

What Your Child Should Know

Here’s a great FREE online resource that I think is very handy for homeschoolers (even though it’s geared for (public/private-schoolers”).  It’s What Your Child Should Know in Kindergarten, by Miriam Myers at GreatSchools.net.  This is the most concise list I can find anywhere, and I’m checking it to make sure Laynie is prepared for Kindergarten (homeschool).  I’m feeling pretty good right now – she can already do all but 8 things on the list, and she’s only 3!

If you’re unfamiliar with this website, it is a place where you can find lots of interesting information about public schools.  When I used to work in public schools, I used this site to research the schools I was applying to work at.  Click around – is your local elementary school listed?  The school where my child would attend is, along with some interesting parent reviews.  It really is a handy website, all around.

Got older kids?  There are lists for the following grades, also published at GreatSchools.net.
            first grade
            second grade
            third grade
            fourth grade
            fifth grade

Do you have a great suggestion for a preschool resource or a frugal-living website?  Please email me and let me know!