Each week, I’ll present a different resource that will help you in your endeavors to teach your preschooler at home as cheaply as possible, or even better – FREE!  Or, I’ll introduce you to another great website to assist you in living an abundant life on a not-so-abundant budget.  So, without further ado, here’s this week’s fine pick!
Cash4Books is terrific!  I’ve been wanting to get rid of several used books I’ve got on my bookshelf, and I’ve just found the solution.  All you have to do is mail your books to Cash4Books (they pay the shipping for you) and you’ll get money for each book you send!  They post the money to your Paypal account (or they’ll also mail you a check).  I just signed up and I’m sending out 7 books – and getting a decent amount of cash for them.  Get rid of your used books fast and easy, PLUS get money for them!  Why haven’t I heard of Cash4Books before???
I’ve been using PaperbackSwap for quite some time now, and I have to admit that it is slow in getting book credits.  Some of my used books have sat in my PBS account for over a year.  And book credits (at PBS) are nice, but hey, cash in my Paypal account from Cash4Books is SO much better. 
I’m getting about the same amount as if I had sold those 7 books on eBay, and this is MUCH EASIER and FASTER (no selling fees, shipping costs, waiting for the auction to end, etc.)! 
I’m going straight to Cash4Books from now on.  No more ebay selling for me.  I’m gonna read my PaperbackSwap books and then send them to Cash4Books too!  I always find used books at yard sales too, so I’m going to keep an eye out for them, buy them cheap, then give them to Cash4Books too!
Awesome!  Yep, I’m really excited about this one!
Do you have a great suggestion for a preschool resource or a frugal-living website?  Please email me and let me know!