Each week, I’ll present a different resource that will help you in your endeavors to teach your homeschooler at home as cheaply as possible, or even better – FREE!  Or, I’ll introduce you to another great website to assist you in living an abundant life on a not-so-abundant budget.  So, without further ado, here’s this week’s fine pick!
Shop It To Me: Your Personal Shopper
My sister-in-law, Megan introduced me to Shop It To Me last fall, and I’ve grown fond of this website!  I get an email in my inbox about once a week that informs me of any sales of over 70% (my customized report) at my favorite online stores (I picked just a few: Old Navy, Children’s Place, Gap, Aer opostale, and Victoria’s Secret).  It really is great!  Here’s what I found today, a t-shirt for me, and some clothes for Laynie next fall/winter:
a tshirt from Old Navy for me, $3.49
cords for Laynie from Children’s Place, $4.99
a thermal tshirt for Laynie from Children’s Place, $4.99
If you want to try Shop It To Me, can you please sign up under me?  I get a $10 giftcard for every 10 people who sign up.  Just email me, and I’ll send you a personal invitation.  I really appreciate you allowing me to sign you up.
Do you have a great suggestion for a homeschool resource or a frugal-living website?  Please email me and let me know!