Each week, I’ll present a different resource that will help you in your endeavors to teach your preschooler at home as cheaply as possible, or even better – FREE!  Or, I’ll introduce you to another great website to assist you in living an abundant life on a not-so-abundant budget.  So, without further ado, here’s this week’s fine pick!

Homeschool Classifieds

I love HomeschoolClassifieds.com!  I am a member for free, meaning I can only post up to 7 for sale items at a time, which is all I really need.  You can also be a paid member and be able to list more, and the fee is super-reasonable!

I always look here before buying curriculum, books, or educational supplies anywhere else.  My favorite thing to do is to click the “Search” link at the top of the page to find exactly what I need.

I post “Wanted” ads, and get replies fairly quickly.  As a free member, you can post unlimited “Wanted” ads.  They don’t always have everything I need, but sometimes I’m lucky and I find an awesome bargain!

Do you have a great suggestion for a preschool resource or a frugal-living website?  Please email me and let me know!