Frugal and FREE Homeschool Worksheets: High School Collection

The best frugal and free homeschool worksheets for high school collected over 10 years. Use them as supplements or substitutes – for a break from the norm.

Frugal and FREE Homeschool Worksheets High School Collection

Frugal and FREE Homeschool Worksheets: High School Collection

Homeschooling high school is hard enough.  There are a plethora of online courses, however, they aren’t usually free.  There are abundant resources for elementary and middle school, but sometimes it’s harder to find FREE material for high school grades (9-12).

So I’ve gathered a list of only the best of the best resources for frugal homeschool families! This list continues to grow over time. Save this page so you can visit anytime you need something helpful for your homeschool day. Or use these ideas as a helpful supplement to your current curriculum. Read along for FREE worksheets in various categories, exclusively for your high schooler! This page contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Do high school subjects cause your teen to experience homeschool burnout?  Throw in a few of these free printables to change things up a bit!  By the way, you can also see these PLUS MORE on my High School Grades Homeschool Pinterest boards  (I only save my all-time favorites here, but I add to Pinterest often).

Holidays/Seasonal/Just for Fun

High schoolers want the opportunity to celebrate just like anybody else.  From graduations to holidays, here are some of my favorite links.

  • Bucket List – grab this fun checklist with alternative electives, ideas, and inspiration for high schoolers to keep learning fun.
  • Graduation Party Checklist – stay organized and on top of things during that busy senior year with this complete graduation party checklist.  Includes what to do and when to do it for a fabulous graduation party.
  • Christmas Equations – you may have seen some fun picture math equations making the rounds on Facebook. Here are some Christmas themed ones.  Add a little fun algebra to your holiday season or make it a Minute To Win It game event!
  • Graduation Poster – there are chalkboard signs for the first day of school, especially for elementary students. Now there’s a chalkboard poster for high schoolers!
  • Diploma Templates – just because they are homeschooling, doesn’t mean our high school homeschool graduates don’t deserve a diploma!  Choose from over 60 designs right here.
  • Graduate Advice Cards – they may be finishing high school, but they are still teens who are in need of advice so they become successful adults. There are also templates for other ages.
  • High School Memory Book – memory books aren’t just for younger kids. It’s always fun to look back and see the progression through the years.

English/Language Arts

Below are some great high school English and Language Arts materials including poetry, spelling, grammar, and more.

  • – a writing program empowers young writers to think critically and express themselves.  This curriculum helps practice and prepare for SATs and college.
  • Spelling Lists – this 36-week high school master spelling list is broken up into weekly segments.  This website also has lists for other grades along with reading skills, grammar, vocabulary, and composition for various ages and levels.
  • Progeny Press Study guides – study guides for literature from a Christian perspective.  This site also has guides for other ages.
  • Donna Young’s Notebooking Pages – Donna Young’s website has tons of notebooking pages, along with so much more – household, calendars, art, English, handwriting, math, history, science, planners, and more!  There’s even a section on planning high school.
  • Writing Prompts – the Journal Buddies website has some fun and thought-provoking writing prompts for high schoolers.
  • More Writing Prompts – here are more high school writing prompts that spark imagination and creativity.
  • Poetry Terminology – here’s a quick download of poetry terms and definitions, including alliteration, hyperbole, metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, and personification.
  • Summer Reading List – this booklist list and printable has suggestions that your teens will love – current and popular books that will draw teens in.  Scroll down the page for another printable to compare and contrast a book and the corresponding movie.
  • Cheat Sheets – this website has a variety of cheat sheets for math, language arts, and writing.  This website has additional cheat sheets.
  • Brave Writer program – a writing program for all ages, including the Writer’s Jungle, Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation, and Help for High School. This site also has literature guides.
  • Mad Libs for High Schoolers – keep it light and lively, but reinforce parts of speech with these creative, original Mad Libs.
  • Grammar Worksheets – a series of grammar worksheets for high schoolers.


Find some free cheat sheets, worksheets, tutorials, and programs related to high school math.

  • Upper Grades Math Copy Work – enjoy this math copy work that reinforces high school math concepts.
  • Cheat Sheets (math) – LOTS (43!) of high school math worksheets at Cheatology!  This website has four math high school cheat sheets at the top of the page (algebra, trigonometry, etc.).  Other math cheat sheets can be found here.
  • Key Curriculum Workbooks – free activities for algebra, geometry, precalculus, along with tutorials, resources, and a program download.
  • Geometry – worksheets, problems, and even tutorials for geometry.
  • Advanced Mathematics Worksheets – worksheets for algebra, statistics, trigonometry, algebra, advanced algebra, vector algebra, linear programming, and operations.
  • Dad’s Worksheets – Free worksheets that help students in mastering math facts or parents wanting to help their kids get ahead in math. Math tools are also available for in-class or online teaching.


Earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics are covered with the variety of high school science worksheets below.

  • Reverse Engineering – investigate and use critical thinking skills with reverse engineering.  Check out the website for a free printable packet.
  • Science Worksheets – biology, physics, chemistry, and earth science worksheets for high schoolers to help prepare for higher-level science courses.
  • Science Worksheets (Help Teaching) – a large collection of high school and AP level science worksheets about the scientific method, anatomy, biology, earth science, chemistry, physics.
  • Science Worksheets – a listing of links to websites with high school and summer science worksheets.
  • Heath Worksheets – these worksheets included general health, dental assisting, diet & fitness, nutrition, and intro to nursing.
  • Science Worksheets – here you’ll find a variety of science worksheets addressing anatomy, astronomy, botany, inorganic chemistry, environmental science, meiosis, physical education, physiology, psychology, sociology, stress management, and zoology.

Social Studies, History, and Geography

From world history to US history to geography, these printables will help you create unit studies in your homeschool.

  • Printable Paper Models – with everything from a bus to a nativity scene, this website has lots of options for building paper models.
  • State History – state history from a Christian perspective.
  • Blank History Timelines – a blank timeline template for you to fill in with famous dates and events throughout history.
  • World History Printables – a huge listing of worksheets for grades 7-12 covering everything from ancient civilizations to modern technology.  Resources also available from K-grade 6.

Life Skills & Social Skills

Life skills and social-emotional skills are just as important as academics.  Include some of these in your homeschool high school plans.

  • Finances & Budgeting – Finance in the classroom offers worksheets on banking, budget, buying a home, career, charitable giving, credit, financial behavior, identity theft, insurance, investments, money management, retirement planning, and much more.
  • Dave Ramsey – get your Dave Ramsey cash flow and monthly budget planner here.
  • 52-week Money Saving Challenge – this site has a printable chart that you can download to keep track of saving money each week throughout the year.
  • Typing Lessons – Learn to Type has printable lesson plans for typing.
  • T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak – here’s a great printable that we can all use!
  • Career Exploration Unit Study – this four-week unit study will help homeschoolers find a career path.
  • Social Skills – social-emotional intelligence is essential so use these worksheets to explore healthy lifeskills, a growth mindset, and so much more!

Foreign Language

If you are studying a foreign language, this section has a variety of high school worksheets.


There are so many ways to incorporate art into high school plans, from art history to creating art.  Check out the resources below.

  • Art Class Curator – printables, worksheets, and powerpoints related to art.
  • Arts Worksheets – printables including art history, calligraphy, music appreciation, television product, and so much more.
  • Artist Notebooking Pages – Harmony Fine Arts at Home has an artist study notebook printable.  Check out the rest of the website, too, for some notebooking inspiration.

Planning & Record-Keeping

Stay organized, on track, and keep good records to make the transition to college even easier.

General Resources & Electives

Check out the electives and other resources to round out the high school years.

  • Popular Electives – worksheets for computer science, crime scene technology, entrepreneurship, gaming industry, marketing, SAT prep, web design, and more.
  • Internet Tech & New Media  – worksheets that explore advertising, blogging, computer programming, information technology, mass media, social media, visual communications, web design, and word processing.
  • Game Design & Programming – a select list of printables for those potential game designers.
  • Business & Entrepreneur – these worksheets include a variety of business topics like business ownership, marketing, e-commerce, and much more.
  • Brain Teasers – keep the family talking and connected with these fun brain teasers.  Use them during mealtime or one-on-one kid time.
  • Google slides – for creating presentations
  • Printables for Effective Studying – these printables with notetaking tips, daily study guide, and brainstorming tips will help students learn to study better in high school.
  • – this site has a variety of resources arranged by subject and by grade.
  • Time4Learning Free Printables – this curriculum resource has a listing of printables in various subjects, including a variety of planners.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to expensive.  There are thousands of curricula, materials, resources, and printables to help your family navigate their way through high school.  To stay focused and organized, perhaps start with planning the 4 years of high school.  Then you can explore subject matter, electives, and the fun stuff. Here’s to a great high school career!

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