The best of the best free homeschool calendars and planners!  Homeschool lesson planners, calendars, and schedules galore!  This list includes my GIGANTIC collection I’ve been researching and saving since beginning to homeschool in 2009. Plus, my own homeschool planner for you to try!

Free Homeschool Calendars and Planners: Huge Resource List

As a homeschool parent you probably feel a bit overwhelmed at times by all the things you have to keep up with during the day. To help you, I have found a bunch of FREE printables that you can use to organize your homeschooling, your own personal day, and the needs of your household.

The key is to find something that will work for YOU. So, scroll down and start checking out these amazing, free resources.


My Free Homeschool Calendar for Frugal, Minimalist Moms

Once upon a time, I decided to create one of my first printables ever – my FREE HOMESCHOOL CALENDAR. I had no idea it would be such a hit, and would create thousands of annual requests for more!

So here it is, my free homeschool planner. I really hope you will enjoy it! I’ve used this planner myself for years. Originally, I couldn’t find a planner I liked, so I made one for myself with all the basic features I wanted. Then, it kinda exploded and grew from there. Now I have a HUGE collection of additions for it and so many ideas for more to come.

Free Homeschool Planner Printables


I made this with frugal, minimalist homeschooling moms like me in mind. It has several features that are attractive to practical moms on a budget:

  • It is perpetual, which means you can print it and use it year after year. The dates are blank so you can always use it, no matter what your start date is, and no matter what year it is.
  • Black and white pages are practical because it saves you money by using less printer ink.
  • Every year, I add new pages to it that perfectly compliment the previous year’s updates.
  • There are so many styles to choose from, and I’m creating new ones every year (got a request? Message me on my Facebook page.)
  • The simple design leaves room for plenty of space for writing in your own details and plans.
  • Minimalist? You’ll love it because it includes all you need, forever. No need to look elsewhere. I bet I’ve already created it here, and if I haven’t, just shoot me a message on Facebook, and I’ll gladly add it to my to-do list!

You can download this free homeschool planner by following my email list. Simply subscribe, and you will have instant access to my freebies page – which also includes every other freebie I’ve ever created – download them all at once if you want to!

Download this freebie AND OTHERS, from my subscribers-only page FULL of FREE resources for your frugal homeschool.

50+ FREE Homeschool Calendars and Planners

Free Homeschool Calendars and Planners
Free Homeschool Calendars and Planners
Free Homeschool Planner Printables

Are you looking to organize your life? Don’t know where to start? I have compiled a list of FREE printable planners that you can choose from and use today – right away. Get ready to get organized!

There are still a few of my old favorites, plus some new ones for 2020-2021!  The oldies but goodies have remained because they are good for use during any school year.  Thanks for stopping by!

If you’d like for your calendar or planner to be listed here, please let me know on my facebook page! P.S. – You can find tons more like this on my Pinterest boards. This post contains affiliate links.

Updated List for 2020-2021


Get organized with these calendars that you can print and use for a variety of purposes.

  1. Well, of course, I’d mention mine first (read all about it above)!  Download my FREE Frugal Homeschooling Mom Planner and Calendar. There are currently THREE versions – one for each year, and I continue to update the pages and add new stuff every year. There are over 100 pages now! Go check it out!
  2. The Typical Mom has a set of 2020 calendar pages to be used as needed.
  3. Picklebums offers these simple, undated monthly calendar pages to print.
  4. For a whole set of pages for a kid’s calender binder, see Motherhood On A Dime.
  5. Five J’s School Year offers a calendar for 2019/2020 (year at a glance)
  6. Free Lesson Planner for Homeschool Plus Planning Tips and Tricks
  7. Teacher Files offers free printable monthly calendars.
  8. It’s Always Autumn’s Mini DIY Photo Calendar allows you to customize calendars with your own photos!
  9. Free Happy Planner homeschool pages

Homeschool Planners

Designed to help you organize your life, planners give you more of a sense of control in your busy school and home life. People who are organized can be more efficient in their daily tasks. These are great resources to help you organize and plan out your homeschooling. Find a set that works well for you.

  1. School Time Snippets has a simple weekly planner for homeschoolers.
  2. From Living Life and Learning, here is another good planner to keep you organized as you homeschool with weekly and daily schedule pages, curriculum planning pages and unit study planning pages.
  3. Real Life at Home has a pretty set of planning pages for homeschoolers.
  4. Blessed Learners offers a planner set for 2019-2020 with LOTS of different pages available!
  5. A handy weekly planner for organizing your preschool class from Teaching Mama.
  6. Homeschool Creations offers a comprehensive set of planning pages for middle and highschoolers.
  7. Playdough to Plato has a teacher’s planner, if you teach a class with multiple children.
  8. Free homeschool planner printables
  9. Aussie Pumpkin Patch’s printable planning pages.
  10. ALLterNATIVE Learning’s Weekly Learning Themes Planner is a good resource.
  11. Chart Jungle has one kid or multi-kid schedules (scroll down to “Homeschool Schedules”)
  12. Everyday Snapshots’ offers a Homeschool Planner.
  13. Free Excel homeschool planner
  14. The Happy Housewife’s High School credit tracker is a useful tool for those with older students.
  15. Highland Homeschool offers many different planning forms.
  16. Homeschooling on a Dime has some great homeschooling planning pages.
  17. Homeschool Skedtrack is an online planner, calendar, and record-keeping tool.
  18. Homeschool Tracker is software for tracking and planning (basic edition is free)
  19. Mama Jenn has a set of weekly and monthly planning pages.
  20. Oklahoma Homeschool has lots of different forms (kinda hard to find, but scroll down to “Schedule” to find them)
  21. Our Kiwi Homeschool offers some beautiful floral homeschool planning pages that I really love.
  22. Printable homeschool planner pages from Simply Vicki.
  23. DIY Planner in 7 Steps by Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Student Planners

As moms and teachers, we can help our students learn how to manage their own schedules. Letting them keep up with daily or weekly planners is a good teaching tool. Below you will find a variety of resources to get started.

  1. A customizable planner to help students take more initiative in their daily organization from New Bee Homeschooler.
  2. This is a great set of pages to put together as a tool for students to stay organized from Thirty Handmade Days.
  3. Look! We’re Learning has these are simple student planning sheets with cute superhero graphics that your young student will like.
  4. Same planning sheets but with “Strawberry Friends” graphics.
  5.  A cute daily planner for the youngest students from Messy Little Monster.
  6. A basic weekly planning page for your student by Kitchen Table Classroom
  7. A fun, attractive pack of various planning pages that you can print and put in a binder for students to use for the 2019-20 school year from Sunshine Whispers.
  8. A free online calender for the teacher to create and share with students from 4Teachers.
  9. 1+1+1=1’s Calendar Notebook Covers are cute for kids to use.

Planners for Mom

There is no doubt that as a mom these days, you are busy! Stay organized with a range of different printable planners that cover a variety of topics.

  1. The Peaceful Mom offers many different organizational sheets to print. It covers most things that you need to organize in your household.
  2. FREE Printable Planner for Homeschool with Adult Coloring Pages
  3. Ginger Snaps has this set which contains different tools to keep mom organized! Contains daily and weekly planning pages, to-do lists and a monthly calendar.
  4. This is a weekly planner that also has a spot for the weekly menu and shopping list from Artsy Fartsy Mama.
  5. This brightly colored weekly planning page also contains a spot for your to-do list from What Mommy Does.
  6. Free Homeschool Comics Planner
  7. This is a neat daily planner that offers different categories to help you stay organized, including a way to prioritize your tasks for the day by Simple Living Creative Learning.
  8. Daily and weekly planning pages that are helpful and super cute by Passion For Savings.
  9. Nice planning pages that range from monthly, weekly to menu planning from Gluesticks.
  10. Time Blocking by Hey Donna offers a tutorial on this method of planning along with templates for your use.

Household Planners

There are specific tasks that must be done around the house that benefit from some regular organizing. Below are some pages to help you keep up with typical household tasks.

  1. From The Typical Mom this is a helpful menu and shopping planner to help organize your weekly meal plans.
  2. A meal planning set that allows you to plan up to a month of meals at a time from Frugal Momeh!
  3. Your Modern Family offer a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning guide for your home.
  4. True Aim has this very basic weekly planner that you can customize and hang up for everyone in the house to see.
  5. Editable colorful household planning pages from Sarah Titus.


Here are just a few more fun resources you might enjoy.

  1. This is a great tool to use to teach your littles about the calendar and seasons during circle time from A Pinch of Perfect.
  2.  A fun calendar to print to enjoy a month of Dr. Seuss books- there is a book listed for each day- from View from a Step Stool.
  3. Free A Beka K4 Lesson Plans: A Homeschooling Outline
  4. Free printable calendar pages for kids that they will love from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

My free homeschool calendar is ready for you to download today – be sure you grab it! I hope you also enjoyed this list of 50+ of the best homeschool calendars on the web for 2020-2021! It’s time to get started printing and getting your life organized! Don’t forget the best way how to save money on homeschool curriculum is to PLAN AHEAD! Good luck on your journey to a more organized life.