Now that my little boy is growing up, I’ve been needing to buy him some “big boy” toys. We’re consigning the baby stuff, and investing in things like Legos, construction trucks, train sets, and Hot Wheels tracks. Sometimes he expresses interest in his older sisters’ toys, and I’m glad for it! Many of these toys are educational and developmentally appropriate. Here are some of my favorites.

girls toys for boys too

6 “Toys for Girls” that Boys Can Benefit from Too

It used to be that toys were defined as being either for boys or for girls. Even in department stores, you will notice that toys are typically separated by gender. However, as parents begin to realize that children can benefit from playing with toys made for either gender, you will find most “rules” are going out the door. In fact, there are quite a few traditionally girl toys that boys can benefit from playing with as well. (The links below are my Amazon affiliate links, which means that when you click on them, I receive a small payment for referring you. See my disclosure for more information.)

Want to know more? Look at these 6 toys for girls that boys can benefit from too. You can add these toys to your collection and see how they can help encourage some positive behaviors and skills in your own son!

1. Housekeeping items.

Kids love acting like their parents and doing “adult jobs.” This includes running a sweeper, dusting, ironing, and general cleaning. Boys can benefit from using these pretend housekeeping items because they encourage fine motor skills, household responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Consider buying housekeeping and play cleaning items for boys to try and enjoy.

2. Cooking and baking sets.

It used to be that kitchen sets came in just pink and pastels. Now, you are finding play kitchens, baking sets, and cooking accessories in primary colors for both genders. Play cooking sets encourage fine motor skills, creativity, an interest in various cultures, and self-sufficiency. Don’t hesitate to give your son play kitchens, Easy Bake Ovens, and other play kitchen accessories so they can stretch their culinary legs.

3. Dolls and doll accessories.

Many companies are now making boy dolls so boys can enjoy taking care of a “baby” too. Allowing boys to play with dolls can help them develop responsibility, empathy, and even help them develop fine motor skills when they practice dressing and caring for the doll. Consider the newest boy doll from American Girl or other dolls and accessories from big named brands which are starting to realize boys play with dolls too.

4. Jewelry and design craft kits.

Often times these jewelry and design craft kits are geared towards girls, but the truth is they are great for both genders. These kits help children stretch their imagination, build their creative spirit, and can also help strengthen their motor skills. Some of the greatest jewelry and clothing designers in the world are men, so why not give boys a hands-on experience at a young age?

5. Mini collectibles.

Miniature collectibles such as Zsums Zsums, Nom Noms, and Hatchimals Colleggtibles might seem like they are just for girls, but boys are enjoying collecting these too. These miniature toys are tradeable, encouraging communication and interaction between children. Collecting these miniatures can also encourage goal setting and responsibility.

6. Littlest Pet Shop/Pet Play Sets.

There seem to be all sorts of pet-related toys out there, and most of them are geared towards girls. The truth is all children can benefit from the practice of taking care of pets. These pet play sets can help children learn more about animals, what is required for their care, and so much more. Consider these pet play sets with your son and see how he can benefit from them too!


Are you ready to add some new toys to your toy box? These toys may be traditionally for girls, but you will find that boys can benefit from them as well. Give them a try!