Playing while learning is often the best method to teach tough concepts. Teaching money skills doesn’t have to be miserable with these toys and games!

Teaching Money Skills: Resources to Make Learning Fun

Teaching Money Skills: Resources to Make Learning Fun

The other day I was having quite a time teaching my 3rd grader how to give correct change.  We were using an online supplementary program that was just not cutting it for her. The activity required her to be able to find the difference between a dollar amount given, and the price of an item, and then to give that difference in the smallest number of coins and bills possible.  It is a life skill that every child should learn, and many grown-ups can’t even do it.

She wasn’t getting it on screen.  And she wasn’t getting it on paper either.  So we decided to play a little game!

I got out our toy cash register, some play money, and some random “grocery” items from my toddler’s play kitchen set.  I made some purchases, and she told me how much each item cost.  I gave her more than the amount required, and she learned to count the change back to me, finding the smallest number of coins and bills required.  And we had fun!

Just an “Aha!” moment for us!  Sometimes you just need to put down the workbooks, the online learning programs, and learn through pretend play.  Even at 8 1/2 years old.

Best Cash Register Toys for Teaching Money

Here are some of the best cash registers for pretend play. Use any of them to play with your child, and teach money and coin concepts! The idea of play is so much better than a worksheet or digital learning. Why? Because, when you play with your child you bond and form lasting memories as well as making the learning more fun!

  1. Ben Franklin Toys Talking Toy Cash Register 
  2. Learning Resources Pretend and Play Teaching Cash Register
  3. Theo Klein Electronic Cash Register
  4. Melissa & Doug Grocery Basket with Play Food
  5. Hape Checkout Register
  6. Melissa & Doug Play Money Set
  7. FunzBo Cash Register for Kids 
  8. Big Mo’s Toys 27 Piece Cash Register Set with Pretend Play Food 
  9. The Learning Journey Kids Bank Play Money Set 
  10. Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register Toy 
  11. BeebeeRun Play Restaurant Set
  12. Learning Resources Pretend and Play, Play Money 

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