When you are teaching kids to write their name, there are a few standard practices that you should know. Here they are, easy to follow!

Teaching Kids to Write Their Name

Can your child write their name? Although it seems like a small task to us, the ability to write one’s name is very important.  And to a young child, it isn’t exactly simple! There are many skills that must be mastered before he or she can successfully write their name. The alphabet must be learned. Letter recognition and recall must be practiced. And the child must know how to correctly hold a pencil and form the letters in a legible manner. All of these steps build on one another and lead to the child being able to write their name. Who knew it was so complex?

As a parent or teacher, you can gently assist your child in mastering the skill of writing their name. It doesn’t take much, just some simple materials and tools. Different activities will target different skills, but all work together to help your child learn this all-important skill. You want your child to enter Kindergarten confident in their ability to write their own name. Try some of these ideas to strengthen that skill.

  • Stamps– Use letter stamps to let a child stamp the letters of their name. Give them a written example, if needed.
  • Stickers– Write their name on a piece of paper and then let them place stickers over the letters, tracing the word.
  • Order the letters– Write out the child’s name in large letters. Cut them into individual pieces, mix them up and have the child put them in order.
  • Playdough– Have kids form the letters of their name out of playdough. Or, if you have letter cookie cutters, they could use those.
  • Sensory box– Fill a box with rice or pasta. Place the letters to the child’s name in the box and have them hunt for them. When all letters are found, they should be placed in order on the table.
  • Letter beads– If you can find some big letter beads, kids can make a necklace with their name on it.
  • Magnets– Let kids spell their names with magnet on a metal surface (the refrigerator is a good place). Reinforce how to say each letter as they experiment.
  • Poster– Get a bright piece of poster board and write out block letters for the child’s name. Let them fill in the letters with whatever craft supplies or found objects you have on hand. Hang this up in the child’s room so they always can see their name!
  • White board– Use a small white board to write the child’s name on. Then have them practice. Kids love to use white boards and will hardly notice they are working!
  • Tracing– Write the child’s name with a highlighter on a piece of handwriting paper. Let the child trace your letters with a pencil.
  • Paint and Q-Tips– Let a child write their name with Q-Tips dipped in paint.
  • Rainbow writing– Get markers that are all the colors of the rainbow. Have the child write their name, using a different color each time, until they have a rainbow! Lots of good practice here.

There are so many ways that we can get kids practicing their name! The more exposure they have to their name, the quicker they will learn it. Provide lots of opportunities during the day to spell their name aloud, or point it out on papers. Give art supplies to let them create it. Before you know it, kids will have mastered how to write their name!

Also, check out these resources below!



  • Chrysanthemum– This classic book helps kids realize the importance of their name.
  • A, My Name is Alice– This silly book looks at a bunch of funny creatures and their names- each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Builds awareness of letters and sounds and gets kids thinking about names!


  • Lined Writing Paper– It is always good to have this line writing paper available for kids to practice their letters and their name.
  • Magnetic Letter Kit- These letters are great to have for kids to practice first words and their name. Comes with a magnetic board to practice on.
  • Wooden Stamp Kit- A great way to let kids practice their name is by giving them letter stamps! These are nice, wooden ones from Melissa and Doug that will give kids a good tool to practice their name.

Teaching Kids to Write Their Name