Teach the holidays all year long, with these printable holiday fact sheets for kids. Start with New Year’s Eve and end with Christmas! Loads of fun for each holiday of the year.

Teach the Holidays All Year in Your Homeschool: Starting with New Year's Eve

Teach the Holidays All Year in Your Homeschool: Starting with New Year’s Eve

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Curious about how and why the country began celebrating New Year’s Eve? How about all the other holidays? If you aren’t really sure about the history of each of our nation’s most popular holidays and want to teach them from a Christian perspective, then this series of resources is for you.

View all of the holiday fact sheets.

As each holiday comes around, never be at a loss for what to teach. Have some kid-friendly, Biblically-based, resources available for your children to safely read. They won’t even need to surf the internet if you don’t want them to. Everything they need to know is printed on just ONE sheet of paper.

Collect them all, and create a resource notebook or file for your children to browse when writing reports, creating lapbooks, or simply use them as background information to quickly read aloud as a family on the holidays. They also make great resources to use for copywork and notebooking!

Printable Fact Sheet for New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve Fact Sheets for kids copyright TFHSM

Here is a kid-friendly printable holiday fact sheet for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I make these resource sheets for homeschool families to be a quick and easy reference for introducing the basic facts about the various U.S. Holidays. Use them for copywork or notebooking or to introduce prior knowledge about the New Year’s holiday before a project or lesson.

This is a work in progress. As I create them one at a time, they will be free for a limited time (as are ALL of my resources). My goal is to have them published a week or two before each occasion so that homeschool families can use them as a quick briefing of the holiday coming up. If you wish, you can “follow” me on Teachers Pay Teachers so that you will not miss when I publish them. After they are free for 254 hours, I’ll then set a price for them in my store. So sorry if you are visiting afterward and they are no longer free (follow via email or social media so you won’t miss my upcoming freebies)!

This resource can also be used for notebooking, lapbooking, copywork, Reading comprehension, or as a basic tool for research. Eventually, after I’ve created a page for each holiday, I plan to publish them in one large download for your convenience. Watch my TPT store for that.

You can see all my printable fact sheets for holidays and seasonal events at the TPT store. My prices are very reasonable and “frugal,” I think.

Just click the image below to lead to the New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day facts for kids.

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Teach the Holidays All Year in Your Homeschool: Starting with New Year's Eve