Summer homeschooling is loads of fun with these free and frugal printables, summer crafts for kids, and recommended summer reading books!

Summer Homeschooling: Free and Frugal Printables, Crafts, and Books

25+ Summer Homeschooling Resources

You want to spend quality time with your children this summer, even if you’re a year-round homeschool family. The hot weather sometimes keeps us indoors, and we need to find fun activities to do together! Try some of these summer printables, crafts, and books with your kiddos, and make some great memories while you’re beating the heat. It’s all things SUMMER! And you’re going to love them.

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Homeschool Printables about Summertime

In this section, you’ll find some hand-picked fun FREE (and frugal) homeschool printables to do with your children this summer! Just click on any of the links below.

  1. Summer Fun Math Activity Pages
  2. Developmental Activities for Kids
  3. Ice Cream Printable Pack
  4. Summer Reading Program: Traveling Through the Pages
  5. Summer Binder Pages
  6. Under the Sea Counting Cards and Puzzles
  7. Summer Campout Activity Pack
  8. Summertime Nature Hunt
  9. Do-a-Dot Printables for Summer
  10. Beach Themed ABC and 100 Chart

Summer Crafts for Kids

It’s summertime, and even if you’re not homeschooling year-round, you’ll love these. You may enjoy trying some fun hands-on activities and arts and crafts that you don’t always get to do during the school year. Here are some cute and easy summer crafts for kids.

  1. Nature Collage Suncatcher Craft for Toddlers – Hands On We Grow
  2. DIY Solar Oven from a Repurposed Cardboard Box – The Craft Train
  3. Giant Paper Pinwheels – Kids Activities Blog
  4. Two Ways to Make Suncatchers – Crafts Unleashed
  5. Circles Suncatcher Summer Craft – B-Inspired Mama
  6. Colorful Jellyfish Craft for Kids – I Heart Crafty Things
  7. Balloon Powered Sponge Boat – The Craft Train

Find Free Books for Any Grade Level for Summer Reading

Got an avid reader?  Check out these selected places for free reading material for your homeschooler to read over the summer. You can find books and online magazines to read for FREE or else very cheap for ANY grade level. Check out these summer reading gems!

  1. BookBub  – Through Bookbub you get email notifications of free eBooks for your Kindle, or other devices, based on the preferences you select when you sign up.
  2. CK-12 Foundation – Nonfiction textbook-style ebooks for Math, Science, and More.  Perfect for the smartypants who is into nonfiction.
  3. Project Gutenberg – Free ebooks online, includes classics, random old, old, old books, and all kinds of interesting finds here.
  4. Open Library – An online public library of sorts.  It’s awesome.
  5. LibriVox – free audiobooks
  6. Just Free Books – search portal to find all sorts of free books online in various formats
  7. Answers in Genesis for Kids – Creation Science articles for kids
  8. Storyline Online – books read aloud by Screen Actors Guild members
  9. Highlights Kids – the magazine, online
  10. Children’s Books Online – From pre-reader to adult

If you try any of these summer homeschooling resources, you’ll enjoy time together with your kiddos, and may not have to resort to screen time. Don’t waste away your summer, do something together – even if it’s a simple summer craft here or there, it will make memories that just might last a lifetime.

Summer Homeschooling: Free and Frugal Printables, Crafts, and Books