Are you searching for a fun and exciting Spelling curriculum for your child, and fast and easy for you? Read this review.

SpellingClassroom com Review Review: Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Are you searching for a fun and exciting Spelling curriculum for your child? Need something fast and easy for you, the homeschooling mom, and engaging for your child? Here are some reasons why you should try I base my opinion as a previous teacher and mother of a dyslexic learner, who has tried nearly everything! This is my review. This is a sponsored review. I did receive monetary compensation for this review. Please see my disclosure for more information. However, all reviews on The Frugal Homeschooling Mom are unbiased, and I always review products that align with my priorities of providing high-quality curriculum options to my frugal family and yours. This, therefore, is a product I believe in and can proudly endorse.

Our Spelling Struggles

Spelling Classroom ScreenshotI’ve mentioned to you before that my oldest child struggles with dyslexia. When we found out her diagnosis, I truthfully wasn’t shocked. However, it has really thrown our homeschool routine into a tailspin. We’re still trying to adjust and accommodate her. We’ve struggled with finding a new spelling routine and curriculum for a year since the diagnosis. In reality, since the beginning of our homeschooling, we began to see the discrepancy of her performance on tests versus her intelligence. Up until now, I had yet to find a good program that reached her needs as an independent, auditory, and visual learner who loves engaging/interactive curricula. I’ve tried something new every year, sometimes more than one curricula per year. It seemed that nothing was successful for her.

Homeschool Online Spelling Review

So when I was approached to do a review of their program, I was a little skeptical that it would benefit us. After all, my daughter has been failing her Spelling lists consistently for the past several years and is about 2 or 3 years behind her grade-level peers in Spelling performance. The correct spelling of certain word patterns and rules just doesn’t “stick” for her. It takes her 3-5 weeks to pass a 15-word list with what most of us would consider simple, everyday words. Yet the old public school teacher in me compels me to keep plugging along with her, working at her pace. It has truthfully not been very fun at all, for either of us.

She loves, however. From day one, it grabbed her attention and drew her in. It was no longer a chore for her to practice her spelling daily, and I am breathing a sigh of relief that we have finally found something that works. My daughter has now completed two units in, and I’ve decided to stick with the program for a whole year. In just the first week, she made a 90% on her spelling list, and I was immediately sold. Seeing her face when she told me she had passed her test on the first try (for the first time possibly this whole year) was incredible. Her successes with the program have completely shocked me, honestly. She has been enthralled with the program, and I’ve not heard one whining complaint from her in the three weeks we’ve used it. It’s been wonderful and amazing, to say the least.

A Good Spelling Curriculum Matters

Homeschool Spelling Online GamesSpelling is to Reading what Robin is to Batman: a faithful sidekick whom never receives proper attention. It’s so important to a well-rounded education, though. So let’s beckon spelling from the shadows as we illuminate the role it plays within this review.

It provides value to the curriculum.

I find it challenging to find good, interactive learning programs that help meet the unique pace of dyslexic learners and those struggling with sound-letter correspondence. For that reason, is a great tool. It empowers me to create personalized instruction and curate accommodations for my dyslexic learner.

It gives good feedback to the learner and provides data for the homeschool mom.

Spelling Classroom Personal ReviewImmediate feedback is given through the program, and I love that. I am able to provide subsequent lessons based upon the immediate feedback and quickly diagnose trouble spots. For example, the program details trouble spots through daily reports on activities. Reporting and record keeping aspects of the program give me the opportunity to see exactly what my daughter is working on, her scores and progress, and even a misspelled word report indicating how she is actually misspelling the word(s).

It is useful and gives the homeschool mom a helping hand.

When time is scarce, I can use books like Island of the Blue Dolphins or Mr. Poppers Penguins along with‘s Best Sellers Novel Studies to quickly align spelling words and comprehension quizzes. I am confident that my daughter will be supported and slightly challenged on her own level with the activities that accompany independent story reading. The library of Best Sellers Novel Studies is a unique feature that delivers interactive courses for a wide variety of children’s literature testing the students on reading comprehension while providing spelling and vocabulary word lists for each book and creative writing prompts.

It is engaging, fun, and interactive.

Spelling Classroom Review by The Frugal Homeschooling responds to my learner’s needs and interests and teaches her to manage her own learning process. She is in control of her learning objectives and the path she takes to acquire competence. Putting her in the driver’s seat gives her accountability and limitless possibilities for how she practices spelling skills. It’s been so much better than the old “5x each” routine (in which I made her write her words 5 times each on notebook paper – oh the shame… LOL)! I can rely on her curiosity to navigate through vocabulary and spelling lists that can otherwise seem daunting. places importance on spelling with tailored lists, engaging competitions (i.e., timed spelling activities) and games like “Hang A Bot” and “Word Jumble.” The game page provides a sense of excitement and motivation. For example, it includes learning activities where you learn syllable identification (“Break It!”), contextual word association (“Spelling Bee”), and standardized testing simulation (“Spelling Quiz”).

It is flexible for the needs of the individual child.

With, parents and teachers are given the power to customize their learner’s experience. Additionally, it has the ability to transfer your own spelling lists from your own sources. In effect, the program is the perfect complement to any curriculum you already own. You could upload spelling lists from Sonlight, All About Spelling, Horizons, Switched on Schoolhouse, just to name a few.

Not to mention that there are printable resources to transfer learning from beyond the screen. This is key because students need to learn to spell words for all writing tasks, not just to pass spelling tests. The handwriting printables (script, cursive, and print), as well as printables for most of the learning modules, all encourage long-term word retention.

TFHSM Spelling Classroom Dyslexia

I highly recommend for any homeschooled child, and even those with learning differences such as dyslexia. My daughter has loved the program and seen success with it in remembering her spelling words from week to week. Do you think you will try it?

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