This year is the first year that my oldest doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. I’m a bit nostalgic about the excitement and wonder in her face on Christmas morning, but I know she’s going to have so much fun playing along with the littler ones and keeping alive our little family tradition. These Santa Claus crafts will be fun to make together with her little brother and sister, and they will create cute decorations around our home. Which ones would you like to try?


You might also like to print out a free Night Before Christmas printable pack that I created last year.

*Santa Cork Craft
*Paper Plate Santa
*Santa Claus Binoculars
*Santa Hand Print Craft
*Santa In Chimney Craft
*Reindeer Cardboard Tube Craft
*Reindeer Popsicle Craft
*Salt Dough Foot Print Reindeer Ornament
*Up-cycled Dollar Tree Stocking
*DIY No-Knit Stocking
*Printable Stocking Craft
*DIY Elf Craft
*Elf Mason Jar
*Elf Paper Plate
*Paper Bag Elf