“My oldest child is starting Kindergarten at home next year. Must I register our homeschool with the state of North Carolina yet? I’ve heard that I must register her school with the Department of Nonpublic Education right away.” ~Amy

No, Amy, that’s false information. The truth is that if you live in NC, and your child has never been enrolled in public school, you do not have to register your homeschool until they are 7 years old, no matter what his/her grade level. Just because he/she is entering Kindergarten doesn’t mean you are required to register your homeschool just yet.

However, if your child has ever been enrolled in public school, then even if they are not yet 7, you must withdraw them from public school, and register your homeschool with the state. This exception may be why you’ve heard the recommendation to register your school in Kindergarten.

For More Information:see General Statutes of North Carolina 115C-378

If you don’t live in North Carolina, but would like to know more about your state’s homeschooling laws, check out HSLDA’s legal analyses.

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