I always enjoyed teaching cursive when I was a public school teacher (7 years ago).  Back then, instructing students in proper handwriting was still encouraged at the particular school I was teaching.  Since I quit, though, I’ve seen the curriculum change, and cursive has been almost completely forgotten.

I teach cursive penmanship in my homeschool.  My 9 year-old has learned to write in cursive, and this year, in 4th grade, I will have her complete many of her assignments either written neatly in cursive or typed on the computer.

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The Argument to Teach Cursive

Some parents and educators want cursive handwriting to be included in students’ lessons. Here’s what they said about that:

  • How will they ever be able to read historical documents such as the constitution, etc if they don’t learn to read and write in cursive? -Sara J.
  • I don’t think it has been taught in our school for at least the last 10 to 15 years. Cursive writing will become a lost art in America. I think it should still be taught. -Claudia A.
  • Yes! It’s part of my children’s 2nd grade homeschool curriculum. They just started doing it, and they are so excited about it. 🙂 -Angela M.

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The Argument Not to Teach Cursive

Some say cursive is no longer an essential lesson to teach kids, here’s their reasonings for that:

  • No, it’s not relevant anymore. Learn typing instead. -Robert C.
  • Honestly, it’s no longer important. Teach them to sign their name; then teach them to convey their thoughts, and be persuasive, via oral and written communications. Why would we want to spend valuable school time, beyond a day or two, teaching someone to sign their name in cursive? Why don’t we spend time teaching calculations via abacus or slide rules? -Gary F.
  • I can read Shakespeare, Mark Twain and the Bible among other things all without ever needing cursive. Just don’t get the hype. -Mike E.

Handwriting Resources for Kids

Are you an educator or parent who wants to spend time teaching your kids how to write in cursive? If so, these resources from Educents will make it a lot more easy and FUN to learn cursive.

  • FREE Super Hero Cursive Alphabet Writing Worksheets – Have you met the Educents Heroes? Your child can practice writing cursive with 53 pages of FREE CURSIVE alphabet worksheets! The Educents Heroes are prepared with both lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Wild Animal Print Cursive Alphabet Posters – A set of 26 cursive alphabet posters in a fun wild animal print for less than $5!
  • Revolutionary War Copywork in Cursive Activities – Learn history while you learn how to write cursive! This eBook contains 20 quotes from America’s Founding Fathers for kids to write!

Do YOU teach cursive in your homeschool?