Helpful methods for prioritizing tasks as a homeschooling mom, including practical ideas for surviving and thriving.

The Secret to Homeschooling and Mom Life Balance

Prioritizing Tasks as a Homeschool Mom

Managing a household isn’t an easy feat. There are the children’s needs, your spouse’s needs, the household’s needs, and your OWN needs. Did you notice how your needs were last on that list?  When it comes to how we prioritize tasks we rarely make the top of the list.

Today I wanted to share a few tips for moms who juggle it all and need to develop better skills to prioritize tasks as a homeschool mom.

Prioritizing Tasks: What’s Most Important?

These tasks will be on the first level of your list on what to get done today. Most essential or necessary tasks are things that you have to do each day. Examples would include:

  • dropping kids to and from activities or co-ops
  • running your homeschool classroom
  • making dinner for the family

During the day you will have tasks that must be completed regardless of whether you think you have time or note. These will be on the top of your to-do tasks list.

Color Code Your List of To-Do’s

Using a home management planner or a daily to-do list will work well to learn how to prioritize your tasks. Learn to color-code your list as a means to direct your eyes to the most important necessary tasks first.

  • Using a color code on your daily to-do list will help train your brain to focus on necessary tasks as opposed to the little things you hope to get done.
  • Bright colored highlighters or gel pens can make your planner colorful and inspiring as you tackle your daily to-do lists.

As the brain gets trained to focus on the color code for important, necessary tasks, it will soon focus without a second thought on those tasks each day thus training you to prioritize without much effort.

Determine Best Time of Day for Task Completion

While dinner or school tasks may have a designated time allotted each day, there may be other important tasks that you must get done that can be completed at various times in the day. Determine what’s the best time of day for those necessary tasks that aren’t something that has a time slot.

  • Some tasks like household chores or tending to your work at home duties can be worked around the other priorities on your daily list.
  • Some tasks may not be able to be worked in! And that’s totally ok, it really is.

Learning to use the best of time of day for completion of tasks will help you stay motivated and in turn allow you to prioritize tasks in a positive way.

Remain Confident – You are Truly AWESOME

Each day will be a new learning experience as you train your mind to stay focused on prioritizing tasks.

  • You will need to remain confident and give yourself a break whenever necessary. You simply can’t do it ALL!
  • Do what you can, when you can, and forget about perfection.
  • Know that you’re doing the best job you possibly can.

Once you have developed a strategy, you will soon find that you are more relaxed because you have gained confidence in knowing that you can get what’s necessary done. Then, simply – what’s unnecessary will get done when the timing is right.

Often times moms will put the rest of the world before their individual needs; it’s merely how moms are wired. If you follow these tips, you can quickly learn to prioritize tasks.

The Secret to Homeschooling and Mom Life Balance