When it comes to homeschool curriculum during the Christmas holiday, I love using online resources, especially unit studies. Not only do my kids love being on the computer, I love how easy it is to complete a lesson. I don’t need to worry about printing off worksheets or having a bulky teacher’s manual on hand. I simply need to log in and let the learning begin!

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Online Unit Studies Perfect for Christmas

That’s why I love ALL the online unit studies available from Techie Homeschool Mom. These units are fun and educational, as well as budget-friendly. I can use the curriculum as a main educational tool for my 6th grader or I can use it to help expose my younger ones to important ideas and topics. Today I am reviewing two of my favorite unit studies on the site: Christmas Traditions and Christmas Around the World. Please be advised that the links within this post are affiliate links, which means I do receive compensation when you click on them! Please see my disclosure. However, the review is honest and I think you’ll love them just as much as I do! Also, continue reading below for a special coupon code for you to save $5 on a $20 purchase too!

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a big deal at my house. All of my kids love the traditions we’ve developed over the years. Despite that love, I sometimes feel like my kids don’t truly understand the history behind Christmas and its traditions. That’s why I was so excited to include the Christmas Traditions online curriculum in my daily routine. With Christmas right around the corner, I’m using this curriculum with my 6th grader so she can learn more about the topic before December 25th. Since she’s passionate about this topic, she has found fun and joy in each of the lessons. I love to see her excitement as she logs in to complete another lesson in this unit!

Christmas Around the World

In addition to popular Christmas traditions, Techie Homeschool Mom also has a fun curriculum that teaches about Christmas around the world. This is another curriculum I’m using this year to teach my 6th grader about Christmas and diversity. Since this unit highlights how the different countries around the world celebrate Christmas, other subjects are integrated into the lessons. Here are a few valuable subjects we have found in this unit:

  • Geography – Each country study starts with a description of where the country is located. When we learn about a new country, we find it on our globe.
  • History – In addition to where the country is located, each section also gives a brief history of the country so that she can understand more about the culture.
  • Science – My 6th grader loves this part! This unit also comes complete with science experiments for the kids to have fun with. For example, Germany includes a lesson on how to make a heat engine.
  • Reading – I try to make reading fun for my 6th grader. Since she has dyslexia, it’s important to keep her engaged during reading lessons. This unit has a book club for each country so that she can post about what she’s reading. It’s a great way to share what she’s learning.


Additional Online Curriculum

Since we’ve had so much fun with the Christmas curriculum that Techie Homeschool Mom has to offer, I’ve decided to try some of her other curriculum. Since it’s all online, I don’t have to worry about printing anything off. It’s also easy for my 6th grader to log in and work on her lessons. Add in the fact that these units are budget friendly and what’s not to love? Here are a few of the online curriculum that I’m excited to use this year.

  • Solar System – Learning about the solar system is a big part of science. This online curriculum makes it fun and easy to learn! Not only are there online lessons about the sun, the different types of planets, and meteors, but there is also a hands-on project. This project gives your children the chance to show what they’ve learned.
  • Stars – In addition to the solar system as a whole, it’s also important to learn about the different parts of space. This includes stars. The stars online unit study is a great way to teach your kids about this topic. Not only is it fun and interactive, it’s also a great price!
  • All About Elections – No matter which party you belong to, you know it’s important to be educated on the voting process. This unit study explains why we vote, how voting takes place, and the role the Electoral College plays in the process. It has been a great resource to use with my 6th grader!
  • Ancient Egypt – History is such an interesting and important subject. Knowing about ancient civilizations, how they rose and fell, is key to understanding today’s world. The online unit study for Ancient Egypt does a great job of teaching about the role this civilization has played in history.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – There are many historical figures that have made an impact on our country. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of those figures. Because I want my 6th grader to know about diversity and freedom, this unit study is at the top of my list.


There are so many budget-friendly homeschool units to study on Techie Homeschool Mom. Each unit has resources and lessons that will help your child truly understand the topic. Which unit are you excited to start with your kids?

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