A complete Noah’s Ark alphabet lesson for preschool: teach letter identification, matching upper and lower case letters, and practice fine motor skills with cutting and pasting.

Noah's Ark Alphabet Lesson for Preschool: 2-by-2 Letter Matching

Noah’s Ark Alphabet Lesson for Preschool: 2-by-2 Letter Matching

Once there was a mama who taught three preschoolers of her own, then they grew into grade schoolers and then middle school. She missed those fun days of coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting, singing the ABC’s, counting to ten, and instead her days are now filled with blends and digraphs, long division, and Human Anatomy!

It’s me. That mama is me. I miss those preschool days so much. Kids grow so fast.

All you mamas out there, hug your kids tight! They really do just keep on growing up and becoming more independent. Treasure those days sitting at the table with them helping them choose the right color crayon for their coloring assignment. Those days are so precious.

So in honor of my love for all things preschool, I’ve created something for you today. It’s the first piece of a Noah’s Ark preschool curriculum I’m developing. I hope you enjoy it!

Teach the Alphabet: “Two by Two”

I have decided to create a homeschool curriculum unit on Noah’s Ark, and today I’m introducing the first piece to it. It’s a Noah’s Ark alphabet lesson for preschool. Be on the lookout for the next pieces to be announced soon!

This curriculum will be hands-on, engaging, and promote a positive homeschooling experience for the child (and the parent/tutor!). It’s meant to be low-key, fast, and easy to put together, and requires everyday school supplies and household items.

The Plan:

  • Lesson Idea: In the story of Noah and the flood, God sent the animals into the ark, two-by-two: one male and one female of each kind. So in this activity, children will “pair” up the upper case letters of the alphabet with their lower case matches!
  • Purpose: Cutting and pasting provides fun fine-motor practice (which will come in handy as they eventually learn to write). Talking about the letters with a parent or tutor helps the child begin to recognize the names of them as well as match their upper and lower case versions. The use of varied fonts helps children begin to recognize the letters in slightly different type as well, an important skill to learn by kindergarten.
  • Age: Preschool, ages 3-5, and kindergarteners who need extra practice with letter identification, fine motor practice, or practice in keeping attention for a short academic lesson.
  • Time Needed to Prep: less than 5 minutes
  • Time Needed to Teach: 5-10 minutes of time with the child, with a few minutes of independent work allowed

How to Teach a Noah’s Ark Alphabet Lesson for Preschool

The following instructions will guide you step-by-step in teaching an alphabet letter match activity with your child. Print out the page you wish to use with your child. You can choose the color copy or the black and white (saves on ink and allows the child to color the pictures).

Begin your lesson with the story of Noah, the Ark, and the flood. It’s found in the Bible starting with Genesis 5. Or, a better idea is to find the story in your child’s Bible or Bible storybook. At this age, the vocabulary in the Old Testament can be difficult for their short attention spans.

Toddler Bibles and Storybooks I recommend:

Review the alphabet with your child. This would be a great time to sing the alphabet song or point to the alphabet wall display you may have as a visual reference. Here are some free ones: Free Alphabet Flashcards or Wall Posters to color

Next, place the paper in front of your child and talk about the letter. Describe it’s shape, points, curves, height. Point out the similarities and differences in the upper case and lower case versions. Finally, have your child color the letters with any color crayon or marker.

Cut out the 6 small squares at the bottom of the page (in a slight gray outline), and lay them out in front of your child. Be sure that they are facing up, and the letters are readable (not upside-down). Note: If the child is already proficient with scissors, they may be able to cut these out themselves. A big brother or big sister could help too.

Give your child the small pieces of paper and allow him/her to use a glue stick to glue them together.

Finally, instruct your child to color the picture, or else color along with them if they need scaffolding.

Depending on the needs of your child or the allowance of your homeschool schedule, these could be done as a letter-of-the-day activity or a letter-of-the-week activity. They are also great for supplementation of other curriculum programs where the child needs a little more practice in letter recognition skills or fine motor skills.

Noah's Ark Alphabet Lesson for Preschool: 2-by-2 Letter Matching

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Noah's Ark Alphabet Lesson for Preschool: 2-by-2 Letter Matching