So, I’m sitting here writing my grocery list, and got the brilliant idea to share it with you all!  Maybe you’ll like it too.  🙂

The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Grocery List Maker for Extreme Couponing

{Edit: I just updated this post!  Now, as of Jan 7th, 2016, here is a file with the old, plain version, plus a new one with some cute grocery store graphics on it.  I STILL use this list, been using it myself for years and years!  I hope you like it!}

It’s really nothing special, just a super simple list that I’ve been printing out and using to plan my grocery trips for years.  I made it a long time ago, when I needed a format that would help me plan my trips according to which section of the grocery store the items I needed could be found.

I keep a magnetic notepad on the refrigerator to jot down the random things we need throughout the day.  Then, when I get ready to go to the store, I take that sloppy unorganized list, and write everything from it down onto this printout, so that it’s organized by store section and I don’t forget anything and have to backtrack as I’m going through the store.  (Especially helpful if you have 3 whiny children with you to distract you)

*I print it out 2 pages per sheet to save computer paper* – then I cut them in half, stack a few, and keep them handy to pull out next time I need them.

It has consistently worked for me.  Maybe you’ll like it too!  There’s not even a title on it, LOL.  Like I said, I didn’t make it for this blog, I made it just for me, so no title or special graphics.  But it works, and I hope it’s something you may find useful!  Why not share?  🙂

The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Grocery List Maker for Extreme Couponing
I really hope you enjoy it!


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