I’d like to introduce you to a homeschool Science resource that will help you teach your high-schooler.  Are you teaching Chemistry or Physics?  Then you’re going to find a great value at Mr. Science Teacher.  Read my honest review!

This is a promotional post written by me on behalf of Mr. Science teacher.  It includes my honest opinion as a home educator and a M.Ed. holding, previous public school educator.  I did not receive any free product in exchange for this review, but it is sponsored by Mr. Science Teacher.  As always, these thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mr. Science Teacher Review The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

Mr. Science Teacher

Chemistry, Physics and Math were never my strengths when I was in high school and college.  So the concern from homeschool critics that sometimes makes me doubt my ability is: “But how are you going to teach physics, chemistry and advanced math classes?”  I can respond with confidence that I will handle that concern when the time comes.  Because if by then, I need help, there are some great resources, tutors, curriculum supplements, co-ops, and videos that I can rely on.  Mr. Science Teacher is one of those resources, offering tutoring help for Physics, Chemistry and Math, and complete video courses for Science.  Be sure to check out the promotional video provided at Mr. Science Teacher to get a good overview!

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The creator of the site is very knowledgeable about the subjects presented.   Mr. Science Teacher‘s real name is Matthew Poston, and he is a licensed teacher with certifications in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.  He is certainly a huge asset if you feel unable to help your child with a question in those subjects, or if you are looking for a video curriculum to teach them concepts you don’t feel capable of explaining yourself.  He is a very friendly and personable tutor, and in all interactions with him, you can sense his passion for the subjects he teaches.  He has two other tutors providing services on the site as well.

My favorite feature of the site is the extensive selection of video lessons, which can be used as a complete curriculum.  The videos span all the topics within a basic Chemistry or Physics course, and also within a Pioneering Physics course.  There are some free Chemistry videos you can try out on the site.  The videos are lengthy and detailed, providing clear instruction on the topics covered, in a language easy for your teen to understand.  He/she can apply the information learned immediately!  The video subscription is reasonably priced, and much cheaper than hiring a tutor!

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Many homeschoolers are concerned, specifically with Science curriculum, about where the author stands on evolutionary theory versus other approaches such as creationism.  There is no evolutionary bias on Mr. Science Teacher, and he remains neutral in his lessons.  The author states on the site: “When I introduce scientific concepts to my students – I use mathematics – without evolution and without creation.”  Matthew Poston provides a statement of faith as a Christian on his site.  This made me, as a teacher with a biblical view of creation, very comfortable, but I can also see that those who choose to avoid a religious bias would also feel comfortable using the resources he provides.

Homeschoolers will be glad to know that Mr. Science Teacher is NOT aligned with Common Core.  That means an extra measure of confidence for those who do not wish to follow programs that support CCSS.

At Mr. Science Teacher, you’ll find fast, convenient, and dependable help whenever you or your student needs it, from the comfort of your own home.  Just click the “Homework Help” link.  No matter the curriculum you have chosen to use, if you come upon a difficult concept to master, you can ask for help on Mr. Science Teacher, for a small fee.  It’s very convenient, and affordable.  Answers are quick and thorough.  Live tutoring is also available for a highly competitive price (and no driving required!).