You all know, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, that I have three children.  Laynie is 8, Lily is 2
½, and Liam is 7 months old. But, in North Carolina, where I live, you can legally homeschool a second family, and that is what I do! I will have two additional sweet children in my care 4 days per week. So that makes 4 children in my homeschool for which I need to plan intentional educational activities. 

I’m currently working on a daily homeschool schedule which will help us all to [stay sane and] accomplish everything we must do every day.

planning and scheduling for multiple homeschooled children free or frugal

Two of the children will be doing daily school work (3rd grade and 4K), and two of them will be doing a little bit of ABC’s and 123’s (both of them are two/three years old). And then there’s Liam, my baby, who will be just learning to walk! I’m going to be very busy. But this is what I enjoy, and I love nurturing and teaching all 5 children, balancing each one’s needs and providing a joyful early education for the family I’m blessed to call friends and who entrust me with their babies while
they are at work.

To give you a little background information, we homeschool in an eclectic style, mostly a mix of traditional books/textbooks/workbooks, and classical-style (we are members of our local Classical Conversations co-op).  But in addition to those two things, I also throw in the occasional unit study, Charlotte Mason “living books,” Notebooking-style projects, Lapbooks, and other things here and there.

I really enjoy flexibility and spontaneity in my days, and my plans reflect that. We have a normal routine, but lots of room for random things – life happens! To me, that’s the beauty of homeschooling! If you do too, then perhaps my ideas might help as you plan as well.

I will be sharing my tips and tricks with you over the next couple of weeks as I’m preparing for the
upcoming year. The tips are meant to help you plan as simply and easily as possible, on a tiny budget, and get you ready to go for the upcoming year with confidence. I hope you enjoy this little series, as I talk about creating a daily schedule, creating a pacing guide, making a daily or weekly plan, and review some really helpful resources for planning.

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planning and scheduling for multiple homeschooled children free or frugal f

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Do you have any tips for homeschooling multiple children?