I do so many little things on a day to day basis, to try to save every little penny that I can, or to earn any little penny that I can. I have to, or else we run out of money by month’s end. Some people don’t have to, but they’d like to be able to give more to needy people (this is what we plan to do when we’re finally financially free). But until then, here’s one simple way that I save money, and you can do it too!

Freezer Meals are Awesome!
Most of us have heard of making freezer meals – you know, meals you can simply grab from the freezer and pop in the oven when you’re hurried or don’t feel like cooking dinner.  I make them often, and it saves us money because on those nights when we’re hurried, I’m not tempted to go through a drive-thru and buy a fast meal.  I have one that’s fast and easy just inside my freezer.
a snapshot of my macaroni and cheese sitting in the freezer,
waiting for a lazy night.  This meal is much cheaper (at about
$3.00 for all ingredients) than a $15 drive-thru visit!
And it’s a family favorite.
When I get things on sale, I tend to stock up. I end up with a ton of stuff in my cabinets! So, I’ll need to use them up. If I get several jars of spaghetti sauce and pasta really cheap with coupons, then I’ll go ahead and buy a few extra ingredients that I’ll need for a pasta casserole I like to make. Then, I’ll make two or three of them at once. We’ll eat one for dinner that night, and I’ll freeze the other one or two in the freezer, and I’ve got a fast and easy meal a week or two later! I also do this with my favorite macaroni and cheese, spinach quiche, and a chicken casserole recipe, but I’ve been known to prep for crock pot meals that way too. I know women who have an extra freezer in the garage and really go crazy with this method, and spend a day or two each month making weeks of meals to store!  How smart, convenient, AND frugal, is that!?

This series of posts was originally published in 2010, and I am just recently editing and updating them, just for the fun of it.