If you eat out much, here’s a great idea for frugal homeschoolers on how to save money on not-so-typical purchases like dining out. You can eat out with Living Social’s frugal deals on restaurants in your area. And they have other luxuries and opportunities that you might not normally be able to afford! You’ve got to check it out if you haven’t already.

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At participating restaurants, Living Social makes it frugal and affordable to eat out.

In our town, there are always several restaurants that offered at least a 40% discount on meals! When they offer so much value for the buck, it’s hard to say no. We love shopping through Living Social because the things they offer there are usually very cool things, typically on-trend and very often luxuries that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

It’s also a fun way to try out a new place. Some of the most interesting restaurants we’ve visited have been found through Living Social. We once tried an authentic Irish restaurant downtown that was really cool, and we would have never known about it had we not found it through Living Social. It was a fun date night that was unusual and unexpected.

Living Social offers other frugal deals too!

I’ve used Living Social for things like car detailing, chiropractic care, and house cleaning too. Splurges for these kinds of things are not very usual on our limited budget, but when I’ve needed them, Living Social has made these purchases possible by giving us an opportunity to buy them within our means.


Finding ways to live frugally isn’t always easy. When I found out that Living Social is such an awesome frugal living tool, I was hooked! I think if you give the site a try, you’d enjoy it too. And it will help you live an abundant life on a not-so-abundant budget!