Learn with life skills homeschool resources such as Skilltrek. Here is a review of Skilltrek homeschool curriculum.

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Learn Life Skills with SkillTrek: A Review

If you want to prepare your kids for the real world, then you need to make sure they know important life skills. You’ll find great life skills homeschool resources to do that.

It always shocks me how unprepared kids can be when they graduate. Many kids don’t know how to balance a checkbook, fill out an application, or any other number of skills important for adulthood. That’s why I’m excited to use SkillTrek to teach my kids these important life skills. Here is my review!

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SkillTrek is an online curriculum that teaches kids important life skills. Kids don’t automatically know how to tie their shoes or the importance of clipping their nails. They have to be taught that. That’s where SkillTrek comes into play. This homeschooling family has made an online curriculum dedicated solely to learning life skills. Their lessons are divided into stages so that your kids learn appropriate skills based on their ages and ability level. They know that your kindergartener is going to need different life skills at the moment than your high schooler.

If you’re thinking about adding SkillTrek to your homeschooling curriculum, I would encourage you to do so now! Here are a few reasons why I love this curriculum:

The “Nuggets”

Your child will get the chance to earn personalized “nuggets” based on their accomplishments. Each time your child learns a new skill, they earn a nugget which automatically populates on their profile. Not only are these nuggets a visual representation of their achievements, it’s also used as a currency that your kids can use in the store! How cool is that?

Personalized Life Skills Homeschool Resources

Each child in the family gets their own SkillTrek profile, allowing them to have personalized skills that they need to learn. Not only do these individual profiles ensure your kids are learning age-appropriate and ability-appropriate skills, it also allows them to earn their own personalized “nuggets” based on their accomplishments.

SkillTrek Celebrates Accomplishments

SkillTrek is all about celebrating your kids’ accomplishments. In addition to the nuggets your kids can earn, they can also have their accomplishments posted on the Skilltrekker’s Hall of Fame. This is a scrolling feed on the lessons page that shows which skills students have recently learned. You’ll find that your kids will work extra hard to learn a skill so that they can see their picture on the Hall of Fame.

Parents Are In Control

As a parent, I want to have a say in what my kids are learning. That’s one of the reasons I homeschool! SkillTrek knows the importance of this, which is why parents can review the skills their child will learn. If there is something you think your child doesn’t need to learn or isn’t ready to learn, you can skip that skill. You can also add Legacy Skills and Bonus Skills to their levels, giving them even more life skills to learn.

Interactive Life Skills Homeschool Resources

One of my favorite things about SkillTrek is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to work with my kids. These skills require me to interact with them and teach them. It’s not just about sitting them down at a computer and having them learn something by watching it. My kids have to actually do the activity. They have to move, solve problems, and apply the skills in a real-life situation. They interact with their environment, and I interact with them.

SkillTrek Lifetime Membership

When you become a skilltrekker, you’re signing up for a lifetime membership for your family. You’ll be able to use this membership as long as your kids have life skills they need to earn! Once they’ve finished all the life skills in their level, you can easily start them on the next level so that they can continue learning as they grow.

SkillTrek is a fun and interactive way for your kids to learn the important skills they need in life. From learning how to tie their shoes to balancing a checkbook, each of the life skills they learn will be something they’ll remember forever. I hope my review helps you as you consider this curriculum for your homeschool family!

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