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Learning to Trust in God: Teaching by Example

Learning to Trust in God: Teaching by Example

The summertime is usually a period of relaxation, warm weather, lemonade, and splashing in the water. There isn’t a care in the world in our children’s minds. If you homeschool during the summer, things seem slower paced. If you take a break from homeschooling during the summer, the family experiences a time of peace and a few weeks’ time to just breathe. Co-ops have ended, extracurricular activities have ceased, and perhaps family dinners at the table are more frequent.

But what if you’re currently having a hard time? What if motherhood seems like an overwhelming task in light of stressors and outside events in the world around you? Raising children with a Christian worldview can be tough, especially when there are times of struggle and hardship.

If you’re going through a tough time as a family right now, or if you’re not, it’s still the perfect time to sit with your children and teach them how to trust in God.

Teach them that trust is something they can do, and model it yourself. Rely on God as a fundamental way of life in your home. Pray without ceasing – in good times as well as in the bad. Children can learn about trusting in God at any time of the year – not just July. It’s a year-round theme for most of us. Focus on trusting in God this month in your homeschool, and see your children lean on their faith throughout the year.

Remind your kids that there are numerous things throughout the year that we rely on. We trust that:

  • our car will get us to dance class.
  • there will be milk in the refrigerator when we open it.
  • there are crayons in our desk drawer.
  • a parent will arrive home from work at 6 pm.
  • the Tylenol we take will bring down a high fever.
  • the trampoline will hold us when we jump.
  • our tennis shoes will protect our feet from the hot concrete as we walk.
  • the rain keeps our grass healthy and our flowers blooming.
  • our friends want the best for us.

In addition, children innately trust their parents. Ask your kids, “Why do you trust your parents?” and allow them to explain to you how they feel confident in you, what things you do that show you are trustworthy, and times when they relied solely on trust in situations they had to rely on you. Discussions such as this provide background information and build up their understanding of the word trust. Talk about how past experiences have brought about trust in you. You fed them when they could not feed themselves. Sometimes, you bandaged up boo-boos. You cuddled with them at night when they were scared of a storm. When they attempted to run into the street, you stopped them. Help them to see that all those things have built up trust.

Then bring the discussion around to God. Talk about how in history, God has shown He is trustworthy and that we can rely on Him for all our needs. Encourage your children to depend on Him. Remind them to emulate you – admit that you need God as well and that you trust Him with all your needs.

I hope these ideas will help you as you attempt to teach your children Biblical truths. Enjoy the July Bible verse copywork pages below to help you as you teach all your children – no matter what age!

Learning to Trust in God + Bible Verse Copywork Pages for July

It’s the 7th installment of my Bible verse copywork, and I’m so excited about how many people have been able to download them for free. Today’s set is bible verse copywork pages about trusting in God. Every month, you’ve been able to download these for free when they’ve first been published. These are perfect for use with multiple ages, so they’re great to use together as a whole family, one per week. I hope you enjoy them! They’re no longer free, but check them out in my store – they’re frugal and fun!

Bible Verse Copywork Pages about Trusting in God

July is full of fun in the sun, 4th of July festivities, picnics, vacations, and water play. I could have chosen a typical summer theme for my Bible verse copywork, but this month I decided to do something more general. It’s a topic that has meant a lot to me personally this month – trusting in God. In tough times as well as in plenty, we must remember to trust in God. My hope is that the audience of this blog (who tend to be on tight budgets or living paycheck to paycheck as a result of choosing to homeschool) can write these words on their hearts and remember them mid-year when perhaps all you need is a vacation, but it’s not possible. Your family may be in a season of needing to simply trust in God. That’s what these verses will help you do!

These Bible verse copywork pages will be great for all the children in your homeschool. There are different versions of the printables for each child in your family, younger and older! It will allow everyone to discuss the verse together, and work as a family during at least one subject/activity of the day.

If you were a blog follower at the time of this post, you could have downloaded these for free, in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Every new product I post is free when they are first published, including this one. If you missed this temporary freebie, feel free to check them out at their current price in my store. I never charge very much for my printables – after all, I’m very frugal myself, and wouldn’t charge you more than I’d be willing to pay – all my items (individual/unbundled) in my store are under $5! And when you make a purchase, you are helping me to provide for my family, so I thank you for your support! This is my full-time job. Sometimes, though, I still mark things as “free” occasionally, just for the fun of it! So, go check out my store – it may just be free still!

Whole Family Bible Study

Included in this printable Bible verse copywork pack for July:

4 Bible Verses about “Trusting in God”:

  • Joshua 1:9
  • Psalm 9:10
  • Psalm 46:10
  • Romans 15:13

4 Different Levels of copywork pages:

  • Preschool/Early Primary tracing pages with a shortened version of the verse
  • Primary/Elementary Lined pages with an easy-to-read manuscript type to copy
  • Elementary cursive pages
  • Upper grades smaller lined pages with just the verse reference so the child can look the verse up and copy it directly from the Bible

To gain access to this printable pack, please check them out at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom Teachers Pay Teachers store at the link below!

Bible Verse Copywork Pages about Trusting in God

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