Curriculum Reviews

From time to time, I like to share curriculum reviews with my readers. Usually, it’s a curriculum, brand or publisher that I’ve tried and really liked. Since I have a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, I try to keep in mind the educational value of the curricula I share with my readers. Here are some of the curriculum and things I’ve tried myself over the years with my three children.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

I don’t think my Master’s degree makes me any better of a teacher than anyone else. But I do have a little bit of training under my belt that helps me evaluate curriculum. The things that I learned in graduate school, in the public school classroom, and as a homeschool mom on a very tight budget, all of which help me make my curriculum decisions are factors like:

  • How does a curriculum plan cover the steps for each learning task from year to year?
  • What varying methods/styles of teaching does the program include for different learning styles and abilities?
  • How easy is a curriculum choice able to be used across multiple ages?
  • What are the morality/worldviews of the publisher?
  • How likely is this curriculum to last for multiple years reused with multiple children?
  • How accessible are the replacement pages or consumable texts?
  • What is the publisher’s policy about reselling the materials when a family is finished with them?
  • Will the curriculum fit the family’s educational style and homeschool philosophy?

In my curriculum reviews, I try to look closely at homeschool curriculum choices and find what’s best for my own family, but also consider what would best help my readers: frugal homeschooling moms with families on a tight budget. I hope you enjoy them!

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