When you are a busy mom trying to run a home efficiently without that extra time in the day, it can be overwhelming to determine the proper steps to take. If you are searching for ways to be successful in running your home efficiently with little time to spare, continue reading for some easy to try tips that will have you running that home with one hand tied behind your back in no time.

how to run your home efficiently as a working homeschool mom s


How to Run a Home Efficiently with Little Time to Spare

Multi-tasking while balancing interruptions, prioritizing, and preparing what you need in advance of events can make you completely insane. Here are 5 tips to help!

Stop Multi-Tasking so Much

Sure multi-tasking may seem like a great thing to do as a means to accomplish a lot in little time. But it can actually become unhealthy. When you are seeking a way to run your home efficiently with little time to spare, multi-tasking can actually curb your productivity levels. Try to focus on one task at a time and complete said task before moving onto something else.

Avoid Interruptions

Research has shown that it can take a person a full 23 minutes to get back no task when they are interrupted. Try your best to set up a way to avoid any interruptions as you work on one task at a time. If you are cooking dinner, completing work at home, or monitoring your homeschool classroom, be certain to set ground rules so no one interrupts you during the task.

Determine Biggest Issue

What is the one task that you seem to get lost in? What is it that seems to be the biggest challenge or issue in your day to day home life? Learn to take that task and morph it into something simpler. You could delegate portions of said task or delegate smaller tasks to family members. Then you have time to deal with the biggest daily issue that you have to do.

Prepare Ahead

Any home tasks that you have to do on a daily basis that could be set up the night before – they must be done. Examples include making lunches for the kids or your spouse. Setup the coffee maker the night before. Clothes set out the night before. Any tasks that you can have prepared the evening before – do it on a daily basis to save you time during the day.

Breath Through It

Take a moment to pause in between each task that you have to get done during the day. Be certain to have specific ground rules and expectations laid out for your kids. This will curb any major motherhood issues to tackle. Breathing deep breaths throughout your day to day activities will keep your mind calm and your body relaxed so you can run your home.


Mothers have this way of getting quite a bit done during the day. It’s often said that moms are the glue that holds the house together. There you have it, a few easy to follow tips so that you can run your home efficiently when you have little time to spare. Learn to use these tips to continue being efficient in running your household as you see fit.


how to run your home efficiently as a working homeschool mom s