Learn how to organize your coupons for a successful couponing trip. Grocery shopping with coupons is a breeze with these tips.

How to Organize Your Coupons for a Successful Shopping Trip

How to Organize Your Coupons for a Successful Shopping Trip

My system for organizing and planning a grocery shopping trip with coupons is explained below.  This is simply how I, a homeschool coupon mom, organize my own trips.  I’ve also included some free printables to help you.

On this blog, I try to share ways in which I can live off of a very small income (and afford to stay at home with my children and homeschool them), and a HUGE part of that is by shopping with coupons.  We are not the type of family that has to eat any special diet (although we do avoid peanuts) so I get a TON of groceries for free or super cheap with coupons.  I can easily feed my family of five on a budget of $80 or less per week (and that includes things like diapers, toiletries, paper products, etc!).  If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then I wrote this post to help you get organized too!

Here is a quick and basic rundown of how I organize my weekly shopping trips, and I just thought I’d share my tips and tricks with you!

If you have no clue where to begin, I’ve written a brief series explaining my methods.  It’s a great introduction to couponing tricks and techniques, and should give you a good overview of what’s involved.  In my series, I talk about knowing how much you *should* pay for your groceries, how to read your newspaper weekly ads, how to cut and organize your coupons, and MORE.


Browse your favorite couponing resource sites for coupon matchups.


Find the products that are at a price you like.  I am pretty extreme, and usually buy things when they can be purchased at 75% -100% off by combining sale prices with coupons.   As you browse, create a master list that you can follow while at the store so you don’t forget anything.  Here is a printable I made that will help you out:

Couponing Master List The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

As you print and clip the coupons necessary, place them in an envelope or baggie, or somewhere you can easily pull them out to use them at the store.

How to Organize your Coupons

Add to your grocery shopping list the items you need in addition to your coupons.  Here’s a grocery shopping printable to help you save time by listing your items by store aisle:


Stick to your list!  Be careful to avoid impulse buys while you’re there, or you’ll sadly find that you’ve sabotaged your efforts.

Also, be sure to take your coupon folder or binder with you to the store just in case you run across a good deal.  It’s always fun to check the clearance section, for instance, to see what surprises you can score there.

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Your #30DayOrganize Challenge Day 6: Plan Your Couponing Trip!

I challenge you to plan your couponing trip for tomorrow! If you’re a newbie, read my “How To Grocery Shop with Coupons” series, and start small, do what you can!  If you’re a veteran, have you been to your favorite store this week?  Get your lists and coupons together and go!  Then, tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let me see!  I’d love to see your pictures of your free and cheap groceries!

How to Organize Your Coupons for a Successful Shopping Trip