Grocery Shop with Coupons - the Basics to Get Started


I used to look at people who said they clipped coupons, and wonder – Why? What good does it do to clip a .75 cent coupon, when your grocery bill is $200 anyway? 7 years ago, it seemed really silly to me. Then I was invited to a friend’s house for a “couponing class” she led, and I was shocked. I would never again look at my grocery bill without knowing exactly what I was spending versus saving!

I began using the couponing strategies I learned at that couponing class, and experience taught me some new tricks as I went along.


Now I shop with coupons all the time.  I teach others how to save on their own grocery shopping trips.  And I have this blog where I share even more information with folks about how to use coupons, store discounts, product freebies, and other deals to save money on their families’ needs so they can use those savings on other things, such as homeschool co-op registration fees or to give back to others in their church or community.


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TFHSM How to Save 75 percent on Groceries and Homeschool Needs