Ever been curious about how Christmas is celebrated around the world? It’s interesting to learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas and how they do the Santa Claus tradition. This is a FREE resource to help your homeschooler study those things.

A Lesson on Santa Claus

One of the best parts about Christmas is all the different traditions people incorporate into their celebrations. Whether it’s hanging up the ornaments or opening presents at the crack of dawn, there are so many different ways to spread Christmas cheer. Part of what makes Christmas so special is learning how people celebrate all over the world.

Some countries start celebrating at the beginning of the month, whereas others celebrate on New Year’s Eve instead of the 25th. One fun way to get in the Christmas spirit is to learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world with a lesson on all these different ways of celebrating, from the food to the music to the name of Santa Clause!

Using the infographic below (used with permission) as a basis for your lesson, you can go over everything and then try putting it into practice! Take some time to learn the different names of Santa Clause, like Ded Moroz and Sinterklaas. You can even explain to your kiddos that that’s how Santa is able to do everything in one night—some people celebrate earlier so he has time to go around the world!

Next, you can teach them about meals around the world, like tamales in Mexico or lasagna in Italy and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even cook a recipe yourself! Who knows—you may even find yourself a new Christmas recipe for the holiday season.

Finally, be sure to go over the other fun facts and ways people celebrate. Have your kids try and guess the world’s biggest Christmas present or set up a nativity scene and put a few presents around it to teach them about how Peruvians decorate for Christmas. After all, there’s nothing more special than connecting with people around the globe celebrating Jesus’s birthday!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that your family enjoys? If you teach a lesson about how different cultures celebrate, what resources have you found useful?