A few days ago I wrote about how my husband and I could afford to live off one income and homeschool.  For the longest time, we struggled to make ends meet, but we made it work.  I will be completely honest, it was/is NOT easy.  And we had LOTS of help from God through others who have supported us along the way.  

I hope my story through this blog, and through my interactions with you on facebook/ pinterest/ Twitter or wherever, as you get to know me, is encouraging to you.  This article is not my whole story, which I share only with my closest friends and family, but the point of the article is to encourage other Christian, happily married moms that homeschooling and being a stay-at-home mom CAN be done on a small income.  It is geared for readers who are happily married, and have a strong desire to stay at home and homeschool, and from a Christian perspective.  Please don’t be offended if that’s not you.  

My blog HERE is geared toward all readership, single homeschool moms, homeschool families on disability, military homeschool families, Christian and non-religious, and even dads.  But if you’re interested in reading a little background about me, I just wanted to share.  I do not wish to offend, so please forgive me if you read it and find offense, especially since it is strictly written for a certain audience.

Go see it over at Embracing Homemaking, where I guest posted for my IRL neighbor and blogging friend, Ashley.