We’ve had the stomach bug this week. Enough said.


How do you homeschool through sickness? Well, you choose to do it, or you don’t.


  1. You don’t. You let your kiddos lay in bed, in their pajamas, and read, watch videos, sip ginger ale or Sprite, and eat saltines, and you take the day off, silly!¬†You know, that IS your choice, right? I mean, we homeschool all day long, every day, in the car, at home, at the dinner table, one day off isn’t such a big deal, right? Brave Mama. Good job. You go, girl.
  2. Ok, so maybe you do. You sit them in the bed with a lap tray, and give them their Math workbook and let them have at it. Once the whining and complaining ends, you’ll have one more productive day under your belt. Brave Mama. Good job. You go, girl.

I decided to do half and half. My preschooler didn’t have any “school” when she had the bug a couple of days ago (she and her little brother came down with it at the same time). She loves doing preschool, and actually wanted to do it, but having been up twice in the middle of the night with her and her little brother the night before, I just wasn’t into it. So I made her take a nap in the afternoon, and I took one too. Today, my oldest has it, and she has done most of her schoolwork, but in the bed. The things she couldn’t complete in the bed, will wait until tomorrow.

It’s days like today that I LOVE homeschooling. Our lives can be so flexible and even sickness doesn’t have to throw us for a loop.


How do YOU homeschool through sickness?