This huge list of homeschool spelling printables, activities, resources, and more will help your child remember his/her spelling words!

Homeschool Spelling Printables and Activities

Homeschool Spelling Printables and Activities

What insect can be spelled with just one letter?  BEE!  Ok, that was pretty corny, but enough with the jokes. Spelling isn’t to be taken lightly, so this is a roundup of spelling programs, printables, books, and games. By the way, this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission when you click a link and make a purchase. Please read my disclosure for more information.

Spelling Printables

Spelling printables are always helpful – especially when they are FREE!

  1. This Reading Mama has tons of spelling printables that can help the budding speller.
  2. Year-Round Homeschooling hosts some seasonal and holiday-themed spelling and vocabulary printables.
  3. Find a mega list of spelling games and printables on Teach Beside Me.
  4. 3 Boys and a Dog hosts free worksheet makers, printables, and activities.
  5. Spelling word lists can be found at Tree Valley Academy.
  6. My 3 Readers’ spelling practice activities keep it fun!
  7. K12 Worksheets from 1st to 5th grade and 8th to 12th grade.
  8. 123 Homeschool 4 Me has FREEBIE Lego-themed lists.  They also have Disney lists, most commonly misspelled printables, and Connect 4 practice with other spelling activities.
  9. Unique and fun spelling printables to use with your spelling lists.
  10. The Measured Mom has a fun little printable game that can be used with any spelling word list.  She also has a climb-the-ladder printable, among other resources.
  11. This dice printable can be used with any spelling words to enhance learning.
  12. Teach Beside Me has a game board in her shop (small fee).
  13. Creative Family Fun has a variety of fun activities to reinforce spelling including a couple of free printables.
  14. This Battleship printable is a fun way to practice spelling words.

All About Spelling

Spelling Programs & Resources

Check out these programs and resources for comprehensive ways to teach spelling. Included are complete spelling programs as well as tools to help with spelling.

  1. All About Spelling is an award-winning seven-level program that provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach.
  2. This review is helpful in understanding how this resource works.
  3. Teaching Kids to Spell is an ebook that teaches developmentally appropriate and hands-on ways to teach spelling.
  4. The Logic of English Essentials Program teaches concepts and critical thinking skills that effectively fill in knowledge gaps and empower students to become strong readers, spellers, and writers!
  5. Spelling City is a premium program that focuses on spelling and vocabulary.
  6. has spelling and vocabulary lists for free.
  7. BJU Press Homeschool has spelling workbooks up through grade 6 that teach about word relationships and structural patterns. Practice tests and reinforcement activities build student confidence for each test.
  8. Melissa & Doug Letter Stamp Set is a great tool to stamp words to reinforce spelling.
  9. Letter tiles also help to reinforce spelling.
  10. Phonics tile kit has magnetic tiles and a storage tray.
  11. Magnetic foam letters help learn spelling and reading.

Spelling & Phonics Books

These books help emerging readers and writers learn to spell. These books include phonemic awareness, easy lessons, sight words, spelling patterns, activities, spelling rules, and more.

  1. Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction (5th Edition) (Words Their Way Series) – instructional approach is a phenomenon in word study, providing a practical way to study words with students.
  2. The Spelling Teacher’s Lesson-a-Day: 180 Reproducible Activities to Teach Spelling, Phonics, and Vocabulary – 180 engaging and ready-to-use lessons (one for each day of the school year) that boost spelling skills in students grades 3 to 6.
  3. Let’s Learn to Read 10 DVD Collection by Rock ‘N Learn170 sight words, covers all phonics rules, vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, practice sections to build reading fluency, 80 downloadable worksheets and more.
  4. Phonics Pathways: Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling, 10th Edition – reading using sounds and spelling patterns.
  5. Spelling Through Phonics: 30th Anniversary Edition – phonemic awareness and why it’s important; detailed instructions on how to teach spelling easily, quickly, and efficiently.
  6. Spelling Rules Multi-sensory Activities and Games – Printable multi-sensory activities, games, worksheets, and interactive notebooks.
  7. Complete English Spelling and Pronunciation Rules: Simple Ways to Spell and Speak Correctly (The Farlex Grammar Book Book 3) – good spellers don’t just rely on memory–they know the rules and patterns that tell them exactly how a word should be spelled and pronounced.  This is the only pronunciation and spelling guide that gives you direct access to all of those rules–and the many, many exceptions–with simple, easy-to-remember methods to handle every word that comes your way.
  8. Spelling Rules Workbook – key spelling rules, patterns, and strategies to help improve spelling (for adults).
  9. Spelling Workout teaches spelling skills based on phonics through unique, cross-curricular reading passages, practice, and high-interest writing activities.
  10. Word Detective – learn to spell 200 words through 130 engaging puzzles. When they complete the spelling (grade 2) book, they’ll be able to solve “The Case of the Hidden Gold.” Available in 2 grade levels.

Spelling Games

Introduce some spelling games to keep learning fun!  Not only will the kids get spelling practice, but this is a great chance for family bonding.  Additionally, some of these games come in travel-size, magnetic editions to occupy the family when traveling.

  1. Scrabble Junior – One side of the board has you match letters to form words. The other side has you building your own words.
  2. Zingo! – Build vocabulary and learn spelling patterns.
  3. Shifu Plugo Letters – Spell with alphabet tiles, grow your vocabulary, and improve grammar with story-based games.
  4. Boggle – Shake up the letters, flip the timer and spot the words fast.
  5. Upwords – Word game of high-stacking and word-hacking.
  6. Quiddler – The goal is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words.
  7. Word Spiel – Get rid of all 10 of your cards by making words.
  8. Dabble Word Game – Race to spell 5 words using your 20 tiles.
  9. Hangman – classic hangman game in magnetic, travel-size form.
  10. Word Witt – roll the Dice, flip a card, race to create the most words in a minute. Great for helping with spelling.

Online Spelling Games and Apps

Continue the exploration of spelling resources with these online spelling games and apps.

  1. Turtle Diary – online spelling games designed to increase motivation and keep students committed to learning.
  2. Education – a variety of online spelling games.
  3. This review is helpful in understanding how this resource works.
  4. ABC Phonics – FREE educational app for preschoolers featuring exciting kids songs, easy writing activities, and interactive alphabet games.
  5. Pocket Phonics – teaches kids letter sounds, first words, and handwriting.
  6. Spell Mania – swipe over the letter tiles to spell as many words as you can.

Printables, resources, and games will make spelling FUN and engaging for your family! Which of these have you tried? What did you think of them? Are there any not listed here that I should mention? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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Homeschool Spelling Printables and Activities